@NYSDEC: Keeseville couple charged for polluting Ausable River
Elizabeth D. Smith and Roger R. Smith, each charged with one felony count of unpermitted discharge of industrial waste and three misdemeanors charges – endangering public health, safety or the environment, disturbing the bed or banks of a stream, and failure to report a spill.
news  adirondacks  essexcounty  dec  crime  pollution  keeseville  ausableriver 
14 hours ago
Current Conditions - Adirondack High Peaks
Interior Conditions, Notices - Compiled on Thursday May 25, 2017
news  adirondacks  highpeaks  dec  hike  camp  climb  ski  essexcounty  weather  currentconditions 
17 hours ago
Lake Flower resort plan in limbo
Crazy thing about this, conservation issues are not even mentioned anymore.
news  adirondacks  saranaclake  economicdevelopment  politics  forestpreserve 
2 days ago
How Mountain Biking Is Saving Small-Town, USA
"In Michigan, Copper Harbor, a former mining and port town on the Upper Peninsula with a population of just 108, has built over 35 miles of singletrack and now sees more than 20,000 visitors a year on its trails."
campfire  bike  economicdevelopment 
3 days ago
State buys Marion River Carry, resolving Township 40 quagmire
"It’s a popular carry for paddlers on the upper reaches of the Raquette River, and for more than 100 years it was one of the passages by which tourists came to the heart of the Adirondacks."
news  adirondacks  forestpreserve  newyork  hamiltoncounty  conservation 
3 days ago
Forget Peak Bagging, Name Baggers See It All
"For me it’s all about pursuing unique forms of recreation that take me through the backdoor of beyond."
buzz  adirondacks  hike  forestpreserve 
4 days ago
Five Years Later: The Disappearance of Colin Gillis
"State police say Colin was last seen walking near the area of Setting Pole Dam Road on Route 3."
news  adirondacks  tupperlake  franklincounty 
7 days ago
Jennifer Aniston Explains Why She’s Moving to Ogdensburg, New York
"I’ve been to Ogdensburg, New York a couple of times over the years and the people there are real… they’re genuine"
news  adirondacks  stlawrencecounty 
7 days ago
DEC Exploring Lodging and Dining Facilities at Boreas Ponds
"The Governor is listening most intently to local government leaders who are pushing for various forms of enhanced access for the general public."
buzz  adirondacks  conservation  forestpreserve  newyork  politics  economicdevelopment 
8 days ago
A New Algonquin-to-Adirondack Trail is Inspired by a Meandering Moose
"It could be a symbolic connection between the lands and people of the region."
buzz  adirondacks  conservation  wildlife  moose  border  canada  newyork 
8 days ago
Wakely Tower Closure Raises Questions Anew
"Built in 1916, the tower has not been staffed since 1988."
buzz  adirondacks  wilderness  heritage  hike  hamiltoncounty 
14 days ago
The Adirondack Quest
Exactly!! So much more to the ADKs. Hoffman Notch has been on my short-list forever - time to get in gear.
buzz  adirondacks  hike 
14 days ago
Surge Pricing for Migrants Ends in a Penalty for a Taxi Owner
If NYS stayed out of taxi or car-hire services, this might not be a problem.
news  adirondacks  border  canada  politics  transportation  newyork 
15 days ago
Trump-voting cabbie drives migrants to Canada border
"One woman with her child spoke no English whatsoever and just drew me a picture of a fence."
news  adirondacks  plattsburgh  border  politics  canada 
15 days ago
DA opposes lifting travel restriction on snowshoer charged with child sexual assault (audio)
"As Hussain awaits the next steps in the case, he has been living in the home of village Trustee Rich Shapiro and his wife Lindy Ellis, who bailed him out of the county jail."
news  adirondacks  crime  saranaclake  snowshoe  politics 
15 days ago
Steve Holcomb, my bobsled hero
"Rest in peace Steve Holcomb. I will miss you, and I know the rest of the world will too."
buzz  adirondacks  olympics 
15 days ago
DEC issues muddy trail advisory for Adirondack High Peaks
"Hikers are advised to only use trails at lower elevations as these trails usually dry soon after snowmelt and traverse deeper, less erosive soils."
news  adirondacks  hike  highpeaks  dec 
15 days ago
Lake Placid stunned by untimely death of bobsled great Steve Holcomb
"He was a three-time Winter Olympian, winning a gold medal at the 2010 Vancouver games piloting the “Night Train” four-man bobsled."
news  adirondacks  essexcounty  olympics  lakeplacid 
17 days ago
The Ranger School in Wanakena continues to train students at scenic Adirondack campus
"The Ranger School in the Adirondack Park has educated students since 1912, preparing them for careers as park rangers, land surveyors, natural resource conservationists, forest technicians and more."
news  adirondacks  dec  newyork  forestpreserve  conservation 
18 days ago
Olympic Family Mourns The Loss Of Olympic Champion Bobsledder Steven Holcomb
"Holcomb competed for Team USA in three Olympic Winter Games, making history at Vancouver 2010 when he piloted the “Night Train” U.S. four-man bobsled team to the gold medal."
news  adirondacks  olympics  lakeplacid  essexcounty 
19 days ago
Up in the Air
"Drone photography can capture unparalleled views of the Adirondacks. but as drones’ popularity grows, how will they affect privacy rights, the environment and the wilderness experience?"
buzz  adirondacks  photography  forestpreserve  conservation  wilderness 
21 days ago
Tour of the Battenkill cancelled
"We just couldn't make it work with current state of pro cycling in the US"
news  adirondacks  washingtoncounty  bike  events 
21 days ago
Boreas Ponds blueprint a bad idea for park, groups claim
Many of these folks sold-out the Forest Preserve in favor of strip-mining. Perhaps this is just another negotiating position in exchange for something.
news  adirondacks  forestpreserve  conservation  politics 
21 days ago
New Amish neighbors present potential traffic troubles in Northern NY
"Strict religious requirements prevent Amish people from using most technology."
news  essexcounty  transportation  adirondacks  willsboro 
22 days ago
Is Frontier Town 'Gateway' A $32 Million Boondoggle?
"The plan to rebuild and reinvent the former Frontier Town wild west theme park site in North Hudson has not received much scrutiny, but it’s now being fast-tracked for planning and construction by the state."
buzz  editorial  northhudson  essexcounty  politics  taxes  economicdevelopment  tourism 
23 days ago
County aims to curb Frontier Town trespassing
"Plans are underway to transform the long-neglected site into a tourism hub called the Gateway to the Adirondacks, a project state and local officials say will revitalize the regional economy."
news  adirondacks  essexcounty  northhudson 
23 days ago
Research finds increase of infected ticks in the North Country
"Paul Smith's College researchers and the New York State Department of Health collect and test ticks for five different pathogens that could affect humans."
news  adirondacks  wildlife  paulsmiths 
23 days ago
Barton High Cliffs - Pharaoh Lake Wilderness - 4/22/17
As always, Telemarkmike and Rev take us to another interesting place.
buzz  adirondacks  hike  warrencounty 
29 days ago
Investigation of Hague shooting continues
Armed robbery with shooting is not common up here.
news  adirondacks  warrencounty  hague  crime 
29 days ago
Tim Rowland On Adirondack Experience
"In the age of analytics everything is about numbers, and museum officials point to poll numbers that indicate 86 percent of millennials say experiences are more important than possessions."
buzz  museum  adirondacks  bluemountainlake  hamiltoncounty  marketing 
4 weeks ago
Americans don't like museums, so an Adirondack museum rebrands (audio)
"The hope is that a new name and a new experience will cause lots of families to give this place a fresh look this summer."
buzz  adirondacks  museum  bluemountainlake  hamiltoncounty  marketing 
4 weeks ago
Adirondacks guide vanished in woods after shooting friend in 1888
"Their faces smeared with tar oil to repel black flies, these brawny men paddled trout-hunting clients around the mountain lakes in featherweight Adirondack guideboats."
buzz  adirondacks  heritage  crime 
4 weeks ago
Snowshoer/defendant wants fewer bail limits
"Hussain is accused of kissing and groping a 12-year-old Saranac Lake girl, two days after he competed in the World Snowshoe Championships at Dewey Mountain Recreation Center."
news  adirondacks  saranaclake  crime  politics 
4 weeks ago
Drone regs are on DEC’s radar
"It’s legal to fly one over Adirondack wilderness but illegal to launch one from there."
news  adirondacks  dec  forestpreserve  photography 
4 weeks ago
As Winter Recedes, Lake George Area Faces Tragedy Left From Last Summer
"Alexander West, 25, is standing trial on manslaughter and other charges stemming from the death of Charlotte McCue, 8."
news  adirondacks  warrencounty  lakegeorge  boating  events  crime 
5 weeks ago
Adirondack Experience Inc. - Home
To instill trust and confidence through care and compassion, so that individuals make positive changes for personal growth.
5 weeks ago
AE Online :: About Us
Since 1990, Adirondack Experience, Inc. (AE) has been successful in establishing itself as a lead agency in blending adventure programming with traditional therapy.
5 weeks ago
Gore Mountain Chamber - Home
Gore Mountain Region offers the genuine ADK experience.
5 weeks ago
The Adirondack Museum redefines itself as the ‘Adirondack Experience, The Museum on Blue Mountain Lake’
"These updates are the product of several years of careful consideration and planning, and position the museum to be more attractive to the next generation of visitors."
news  adirondacks  museum  bluemountainlake  hamiltoncounty  marketing 
5 weeks ago
Fact checking Governor Cuomo on the North Country economy (audio)
Haha, Paterson! Really depends on which numbers you want to include. REDC?
news  adirondacks  economicdevelopment  politics  newyork  taxes 
5 weeks ago
Better living through bicycling
Problem is, people in control of monies aren't typically cyclists.
buzz  editorial  bike  adirondacks 
6 weeks ago
Trail coordinator urges rider respect during SNIRT, ATV season
"While parts of the Lewis County all-terrain vehicle trail system opened a couple weeks ago, the season will kick off in earnest this weekend with the annual SNIRT Run."
news  adirondacks  lewiscounty  atv  events  conservation 
6 weeks ago
Evidence hearing held in deadly Lake George boat crash
"Police say blood tests that cannot be used in court showed West had cocaine, ecstasy and marijuana in his system hours after the crash."
news  adirondacks  warrencounty  lakegeorge  crime  boating 
6 weeks ago
Survey shows support for Adirondack wilderness (and a lot of disinterest) (audio)
"... most New Yorkers don’t know much about the Adirondacks or pay much attention to the Park's issues."
news  adirondacks  newyork  conservation  politics  forestpreserve 
6 weeks ago
150 years of maple sugaring in the North Country (photos)
"Here’s a look back at maple sugaring through the ages in our region."
buzz  adirondacks  food  heritage  photography 
6 weeks ago
Wolf Pond - Vanderwhacker Mountain Wild Forest - 4/2/17
"A new trail had been in the works to Wolf Pond for many years."
buzz  adirondacks  hike  essexcounty 
7 weeks ago
Dedicated boyfriend and the girlfriend whose life he saved as they lay trapped on a freezing mountain for 48 hrs return to scene 6 months on - and they're still very much in love
"I asked him if he would still think I was pretty if didn't have any feet. And he said you could lose both your legs, both your arms and you would still be the prettiest girl in the world.
news  adirondacks  hike  dec  snow  highpeaks  weather 
7 weeks ago
Warren County agrees to five-year deal for motorcycle rally in Warrensburg
"The rally will be held June 2-11, generally the same week as the annual Americade rally in nearby Lake George."
news  warrencounty  events  motorcycle  warrensburg 
8 weeks ago
No need for statewide trail
Agree. Just fix the existing roads to be more accomodating for cyclists, enforce the law, and pass the 3-foot law.
buzz  adirondacks  editorial  newyork  bike  politics 
8 weeks ago
Melting, Mating, and Moving: Adirondack Life in Early Spring
"Movement is as central to wildlife as are food, air, water, and cover; yet it also brings risks – especially in a world fragmented by roads and other human development."
buzz  adirondacks  wildlife  weather 
8 weeks ago
Giant Mountain - Giant Mountain Wilderness - 3/17/17
"The problem was that with 3 feet of new snow on the ground, most trails were not broken out yet."
buzz  adirondacks  hike  climb  highpeaks  essexcounty 
8 weeks ago
The rise of the hipster bird-watcher
"Worse still, be braced for feigned interest among family and friends. No sooner have you started a fascinating discourse on the difference between chaffinch and goldfinch song than you notice the eyes of your nearest and dearest glaze over in stupefied boredom."
campfire  bird 
9 weeks ago
Olive residents upset about use of tracks for rail bike tours
"Cold Brook Road residents say their research shows Rail Explorers came into conflict with homeowners over their past two years of operation in the Adirondacks due to the noise of the bikes and issues with the large quantity of tourists passing by their properties"
news  adirondacks  train  catskills 
9 weeks ago
All This Fresh Snow Is Wonderful, But ...
"If you do find yourself breaking trail, be prepared to work up a sweat."
buzz  adirondacks  snow  ski  weather  highpeaks 
9 weeks ago
Adirondack Lean-to Camping and IceFishing (video)
"It rained all that evening and when we woke, the mist rising off the lake added to the beauty of the Adirondack landscape and kept providing new scenery throughout the day."
buzz  adirondacks  camp  fish 
10 weeks ago
New hiking challenge in Lake George
"While the Lake George challenge isn’t as demanding as becoming a 46er, this is still no joke. The 12 mountains require almost 40 miles of hiking and about 9,000 total feet of elevation gain."
buzz  adirondacks  hike  warrencounty  lakegeorge  washingtoncounty 
10 weeks ago
Sometimes hospitality must be brave
"To some, it’s bold as in brazen — i.e., offensive or foolish to let an accused child molester enjoy the comfort of their home rather than cool his heels in the slammer."
buzz  editorial  saranaclake  crime  media  politics 
10 weeks ago
We have faith in U.S. justice, Saranac Lake
"The real winners of this year’s snowshoeing event truly are the Saranac lake community, which deserves a standing ovation for exhibiting not only the determination to stand up for sport but also for their character in times of sheer difficulty. God bless us all."
buzz  adirondacks  saranaclake  crime  editorial  politics 
10 weeks ago
State delays action on the classification of the Boreas Ponds
Why does everything to do with the Forest Preserve have to be so complicated?
buzz  adirondacks  conservation  politics  newyork  forestpreserve  wilderness 
10 weeks ago
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