Current Conditions - Adirondack High Peaks
Interior Conditions, Notices - Compiled on Thursday September 22, 2016
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4 days ago
Lake George marinas to offer new training for boat renters
"State law does not require boat renters or operators born after May 1996 to take a safety course, but the incidents on Lake George this year prompted calls for training."
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4 days ago
County's 'Bed Tax' Now Covers Person-To Person Rentals
"There was an unfairness involved there that we needed to rectify." - taxes aren't meant to be a weapon to balance the scales of justice.
news  adirondacks  stlawrencecounty  taxes  politics  economicdevelopment 
13 days ago
Adirondack crisis: High Peaks hikers trashing trails, crowding summits
"The summit of Mt. Marcy is not the same experience when there are 300 people on the top the same time that you are."
news  adirondacks  hike  highpeaks  essexcounty  conservation  forestpreserve 
14 days ago
Packing Out Waste: You Can Take It With You
"Hikers learn to leave (absolutely) no trace on high-traffic peaks and trails."
campfire  hike  adirondacks  highpeaks  essexcounty  pollution  conservation  camp  forestpreserve 
26 days ago
Group Of 67 People Ticketed On Algonquin Peak
Every person involved in the illegal group(s) should be fined.
news  adirondacks  hike  highpeaks  crime  conservation  quebec  essexcounty 
26 days ago
Beyond peak capacity
Cascade is a problem. We should infrastructure that hike and direct all n00bs to it.
news  adirondacks  hike  highpeaks  conservation  dec  forestpreserve 
4 weeks ago
Liberals blame slack black national park attendance on white racism
"Why must all races do everything in the exact same proportion to their numbers in the population?"
campfire  adirondacks  camp  hike  climb  paddle  politics 
4 weeks ago
Serving Culturally Diverse Visitors to National Forests in California
"How nature and the outdoors are appreciated or experienced differs across cultures. We must therefore continue to understand what people care about and why, as well as how forests are viewed, valued, and being used by our changing communities."
campfire  adirondacks  hike  camp  climb  paddle  politics 
4 weeks ago
The Disturbing Bro-ification of Outdoor Recreation
"The destinations presented in the media are generally so unattainable by most people that they might as well be on the moon–and don’t even bother going if you’re not wearing expensive, high-tech apparel and using modern, high-priced gear."
campfire  adirondacks  politics  hike  camp  climb  paddle 
4 weeks ago
Saranac Lake denies access to resort memo for rival hotel
Why does Roedel's project get taxpayer money? When government gets involved in private development, these are the kinds of issues that inevitably result.
news  adirondacks  saranaclake  taxes  economicdevelopment  politics  forestpreserve 
4 weeks ago
Moxham Mountain - Vanderwhacker Mountain Wild Forest - 8/14/16
"The  sign says it is 2.0 miles to the summit.  It is actually 2.6 miles."
buzz  adirondacks  hike  warrencounty 
5 weeks ago
The Forgotten Tale of How America Converted Its 1980 Olympic Village Into a Prison
"Budget approval for a small New York town to host the games came with one very large caveat."
buzz  adirondacks  olympics  heritage  lakeplacid  essexcounty  prison  economicdevelopment  taxes  newyork 
5 weeks ago
How Closure of 'Frontier Town' Theme Park Devastated a Tiny New York Town
"Frontier Town was the lifeblood of North Hudson, N.Y.'s economy. Now, like much of the town, it's empty." - Nothing lasts forever, not even the Forest Preserve.
buzz  adirondacks  essexcounty  heritage  northhudson 
5 weeks ago
How to Sh*t in the Woods - Adirondacks
"With hot and dry summers like this one has been, the peaks see much more traffic than usual."
buzz  adirondacks  hike  camp  pollution  conservation 
5 weeks ago
Low water levels mean headaches for Lake Champlain boaters
"We’re not at the lowest lake level ever recorded but this is pretty low."
news  adirondacks  lakechamplain  boating  weather 
7 weeks ago
N.Y. offering free tablets to kill mosquito larvae as plan to combat Zika virus
"Residents can get the tablets by calling the state's Zika hotline at 888-364-4723."
news  adirondacks  wildlife  zika  newyork 
7 weeks ago
Adirondack Park Agency has made a series of poor decisions on Forest Preserve management
"The APA has ushered in a period of great rollbacks for Wilderness protections and for massively expanding motorized uses in the Forest Preserve."
buzz  adirondacks  forestpreserve  apa  conservation  politics 
8 weeks ago
The Ausable Club Is a High Peaks Haven
"Under an easement agreement made with New York State, much of the club's acreage is accessible to everyone." (probably for tax-purposes)
buzz  adirondacks  hike  highpeaks  essexcounty 
8 weeks ago
The Adirondacks: Whose Park Is It Anyway?
"America's largest state park is a battleground between conservation activists and small towns desperate for development."
buzz  adirondacks  forestpreserve  conservation  economicdevelopment  politics 
8 weeks ago
Trump Campaign to Make Stop in Plattsburgh this Week
"Mayor Jim Calnon says the details are still being worked out at this time, but Donald Trump's campaign is planning an event in the Lake City at 2:00 p.m. on Thursday."
news  adirondacks  politics  plattsburgh  events 
8 weeks ago
Boat operator arrested in connection with fatal crash on Lake George
"Authorities said West's boat stalled near the McCue boat after the collision, and the occupants were aware that their craft had hit another boat and conspired about what to say about the incident after they left the scene."
news  adirondacks  warrencounty  boating  accident  crime  lakegeorge 
8 weeks ago
Bear attacks cattle in Bolton, is target of state trapping effort
"DEC spokeswoman Emily Kilburn confirmed that the agency has set a trap to catch the bear, but as of Thursday morning, the trap remained empty."
news  adirondacks  wildlife  bear  lakegeorge  warrencounty  dec  conservation 
8 weeks ago
Police seek surveillance videos, boat crash investigation continues
"Police said the boat that hit the McCues left the scene and was abandoned at a nearby motel, and on Tuesday, Alexander M. West, 24, of Lake George, was identified as the operator."
news  adirondacks  warrencounty  accident  boating  lakegeorge 
8 weeks ago
Death, serious injury bring calls for end to Lake George "Log Bay Day" (audio)
"For more than 20 years, Log Bay Day has been a big deal. On Youtube there are videos celebrating the event, complete with soundtrack that show rafts of power boats with young partiers chugging alcohol."
news  adirondacks  events  warrencounty  lakegeorge  booze  boating  crime  pollution 
8 weeks ago
Shania Twain Fan Accused of Faking Her Own Kidnapping
She should have to pay for all the costs associated with SAR.
news  adirondacks  hamiltoncounty 
8 weeks ago
The Disappearing Soldier
"People go missing every year, usually unprepared hikers or hunters who wander off the trail into the dark uniformity of the forest and can’t find their way back."
buzz  adirondacks 
8 weeks ago
Police say woman faked Hamilton County abduction
"Rachael Mattice, age 24 of Johnstown, was charged with a misdemeanor count of falsely reporting an incident in the third degree."
news  adirondacks  hamiltoncounty  crime 
9 weeks ago
Former Adirondack Park commissioner raises alarm (audio)
To be fair, the Adirondack Forest Preserve only exists because of "alarm".
news  adirondacks  forestpreserve  apa  politics  conservation 
10 weeks ago
Eagle Flyer zip line lifts off
"The cost to ride the zip line is $45 per person, though if someone wants to ride again, the second ride is $25 for that visit."
news  adirondacks  warrencounty  lakegeorge  tourism  attractions 
10 weeks ago
Plattsburgh wins $10 million for a new city center
"City officials will get started on planning and zoning by early next year. In the meantime they’ll be gathering input from the public."
news  plattsburgh  economicdevelopment  taxes  politics  clintoncounty  adirondacks 
11 weeks ago
Cleanup required
"How much effort does it take to carry out your trash after you have carried it in?"
buzz  adirondacks  editorial  pollution 
11 weeks ago
An Adirondack summer classic: Paddling Lila, climbing Frederica (audio)
"It's a route that offers some of the biggest, most pristine views in the Park."
buzz  adirondacks  hike  paddle  hamiltoncounty 
11 weeks ago
Nous vous souhaitons un séjour agréable dans les Adirondacks!
news  adirondacks  weather  hike  camp  quebec 
12 weeks ago
Historic North Country camp seeks new life (auto-play video)
"The Debar Pond Lodge sits quietly in Adirondacks, but officials say a 17-room log home was once filled with life. Built over 70 years ago, it was one of the North Country's great camps."
news  adirondacks  camp  heritage  dec  franklincounty  duane 
12 weeks ago
Beware of ticks, especially in Keene
"Keene and Keene Valley are often considered epicenters of hiking, biking, skiing and other outdoor pursuits, but the area is becoming known as an epicenter for another, not so flattering thing: Lyme disease."
news  adirondacks  wildlife  weather  essexcounty  keene  keenevalley  hike  camp 
june 2016
Will Canada ease up on border checks for boaters? (audio)
It's important to maintain vigilance. Especially along this major smuggling route.
news  adirondacks  canada  border  newyork  crime  politics 
june 2016
Bienvenue a nos Visiteurs Canadiens - Fête de la Saint-Jean-Baptiste
Nous vous souhaitons un séjour agréable dans les Adirondacks!
news  adirondacks  hike  camp  quebec  dec  climb  highpeaks 
june 2016
EMS worker dies in hiking accident
Not really a "hiking" accident, but still sucks.
news  adirondacks  accident  essexcounty  highpeaks 
june 2016
On Lyon Mountain, a rare songbird makes itself heard (audio)
"Up above 3,000 feet, the dawn light was like thin milk, but the air was full of musical color, one songbird giving way to the next."
buzz  adirondacks  wildlife  bird  clintoncounty  lyonmt  conservation 
june 2016
What you need to know about black flies this season in the Adirondacks
"These pesky, biting flies often swarm around humans, leaving multiple, painful bites on any exposed skin."
news  adirondacks  weather  wildlife  hike  camp  paddle  climb 
june 2016
Little introduces bills to create 'land bank' to hasten Adirondack projects
THIS IS A TERRIBLE IDEA. Not surprisingly, the "Council" is again willing to sell-out the Forest Preserve.
news  adirondacks  forestpreserve  politics  newyork 
june 2016
Utica rally criticizes New York's plan to replace train tracks with bike trail (audio)
Utica is such a mess. Do they really think keeping the train (status quo) is a good idea?
news  adirondacks  train  utica  politics  forestpreserve 
june 2016
Twelve months later, big unanswered questions remain about Clinton-Dannemora prison break
"... there are still a lot of unanswered questions about what went wrong at Dannemora prison and about what happens next."
news  adirondacks  newyork  prison  clintoncounty  dannemora  crime 
june 2016
Biking headquarters
Wilmington gears up for bike fest this weekend
news  adirondacks  whiteface  events  bike  essex  wilmington  lakeplacid 
june 2016
Human waste causes water concerns along Ausable River
"If there's no portable restroom on your trail, officials say the best way to dispose of waste is to either bury it 6 inches deep and at least 150 feet away from water or people, or by bagging it up and carrying out to dispose of elsewhere."
news  adirondacks  pollution  ausableriver 
june 2016
Cherry Ridge and Wolf Pond Mountain - Wilcox Lake Wild Forest - 5/29/16
"On this 90 degree day, I chose a bushwhack hike of a couple small peaks, Cherry Ridge and Wolf Pond Mountain, just south of Crane Mountain in the Town of Thurman."
buzz  hike  adirondacks  warrencounty 
may 2016
VT, NY police board Lake Champlain ferry to reinforce safe driving
"And with Memorial weekend coming up, officers say they'll be conducting checkpoints and other stops warning drivers to take extra caution on the roads."
news  adirondacks  transportation  vermont  newyork  lakechamplain 
may 2016
Grand Hike Success! What's Next?
"Over 250 people came to the Grand Hike to the Essex Inn last Saturday where they hiked on three new CATS trails on their way to the Block Party in Essex."
buzz  adirondacks  hike  essexcounty  essex  lakechamplain  events 
may 2016
Clarkson University Study Finds Wilderness Enhances Adirondack Economy (audio)
"Among the conclusions: proximity of private properties to wilderness land enhances property values while wild forest classification does not because motorized vehicles that produce noise and pollution are allowed."
news  adirondacks  wilderness  economicdevelopment  politics  conservation  forestpreserve 
may 2016
Tax Dollars Not At Work
"The city is supposed to keep downtown attractive but these rusty tombstones don't add to the al fresco ambience."
buzz  adirondacks  plattsburgh  clintoncounty  taxes 
may 2016
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