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Men's Football RPF - Dele/Eric -- it's just like make believe
Dele dreads Christmas for one singular reason: he works in retail. While everyone else is bathing in alcoholic beverages and drinking in the festive spirit Dele is stuck selling perfume to uninterested customers who have awfully big egos. So come December first, Dele isn’t in a good mood.

That is, until, Eric Dier waltzes into his life and promises him the best Christmas of his life. Only, the plan has one catch: Dele has to pretend to be his boyfriend for the month.
trope:domestic  trope:misunderstandings  trope:coming.out.reveals  rating:pg-13  genre:romance  trope:athletic.job  genre:angst  trope:faux.relationship  genre:au  fic  fandom:sports  trope:run.work.a.shop  trope:possessive.jealousy  genre:schmoop  ~futbol  pairing:alli/dier 
24 days ago by rahmbo
Football RPF - Sese/Gerard -- The night the sky exploded
When Sergio and Gerard suddenly find themselves in an alternate universe, forced to stumble through a strange new life together, nothing goes according to plan. (contains two idiots that can't see what's right in front of them, more than one shocking revelation and not a lot of rational decisions)
rating:pg-13  trope:domestic  pairing:misc  genre:romance  fic  relationship:first-time  genre:angst  relationship:established  trope:time.jump  trope:bodyswap  ~futbol  trope:misunderstandings 
february 2019 by rahmbo
Men's Football RPF - Pique/Sese, Marcelo/Luka -- Unburied Hatchets
Having to work with the enemy is bad enough, but having to work with the enemy after jerking off to his dick pics is a special kind of hell.
fandom:sports  trope:office.job  genre:schmoop  relationship:first-time  trope:outsider.pov  genre:romance  genre:humor  pairing:misc  @wip  fic  genre:au  rating:r  trope:coming.out.reveals  ~futbol  trope:chat 
february 2019 by rahmbo
Men's Football RPF - Dele/Eric -- In This World Of Ours
'Sure, Dele had kissed Eric’s forehead when Eric was sick and Eric had impulsively kissed Dele’s neck during a goal celebration once, but that was standard for Eric and Dele. The almost-kiss from last night? That was something else entirely. That was potentially career-ending.'

In which Eric tries to navigate a conflict of heart and mind and Dele keeps pushing.
trope:chat  genre:angst  trope:possessive.jealousy  ~futbol  trope:coming.out.reveals  genre:romance  trope:domestic  trope:breakup  genre:schmoop  pairing:alli/dier  relationship:first-time  fandom:sports  fic  rating:r 
february 2019 by rahmbo
Football RPF - Cris/Messi -- To Live a Lie
Cristiano collapses against the door, eyes falling shut. “What. The. Fuck.”

“On the bright side,” Leo quips, “we can probably break up before they plan our wedding.”
trope:faux.relationship  genre:schmoop  @wip  fandom:sports  trope:coming.out.reveals  genre:romance  relationship:first-time  fic  pairing:messi/ronaldo  ~futbol  trope:domestic  trope:misunderstandings 
september 2018 by rahmbo
Real Madrid - Toni/Isco -- three words that became hard to say
He’s four when he learns how to read. By then he already knows about soulmates.

(Set in a world where everyone has their soulmate's name written on their arm, but it's not visible to the world until they touch.)
fic  relationship:first-time  genre:au  trope:bond.mate  trope:younger.days  genre:romance  genre:schmoop  trope:domestic  rating:nc-17  trope:coming.out.reveals  ~futbol  fandom:sports  pairing:isco/kroos  genre:canon-divergence 
march 2016 by rahmbo
RM - Sergio/Iker -- we haven't yet (but my head's spinning)
In which Sergio is finishing college while being a single dad and his cute professor is also a single dad and they keep running into each other. And more.
fic  genre:au  relationship:first-time  genre:schmoop  genre:romance  trope:university  trope:academic  trope:kidfic  ~futbol  fandom:sports  pairing:casillas/ramos  rating:r 
september 2015 by rahmbo
RM - Gareth/Cris, Gareth/Toni -- a little help with my own interconnection
Luka smiles at him, because they both know that was really code for you think too much but there's nothing to be done about that either. He ruffles his hair one more time and Gareth leans into the touch. Maybe I'm lonely, he dimly realises. Maybe the robot's a good idea after all.
fic  genre:au  trope:domestic  trope:misunderstandings  relationship:first-time  trope:android.robot  rating:r  pairing:bale/ronaldo  pairing:other  ~futbol  fandom:sports  @verse  genre:gen  genre:romance 
september 2015 by rahmbo
Dortmund - Auba/Marco -- #bro
“Stop flirting on instagram. I will warn Tuchel about you two, and he will separate you for more than just training.”

“Fuck off, Mats, Auba and I are delightful. Everyone loves it when we flirt on instagram.”
fic  ~futbol  fandom:sports  pairing:aubameyang/reus  genre:humor  genre:schmoop  genre:romance  rating:pg-13  relationship:established  trope:chat  trope:coda 
august 2015 by rahmbo
Borussia Dortmund - Auba/Marco -- a mile away and i've got your shoes
On your 26th birthday, you wake up in the body of your soulmate, wherever and whoever they are. You have the rest of the day to learn about them by living their life -- and to leave them a note letting them know who you are so they can find you when they come back to themselves, since spirit transference tends to be hard on the memory.

Marco's life somehow never seems to go as planned.
fic  genre:humor  genre:romance  fandom:sports  pairing:aubameyang/reus  trope:bodyswap  trope:bond.mate  relationship:established  rating:pg-13  ~futbol 
august 2015 by rahmbo
RM - Toni/Isco -- I'm hot like the prodigal son
Toni moves to Spain for postgraduate studies. Isco is the weird nocturnal neighbor whom he shares a thin wall with.
fic  genre:au  relationship:first-time  trope:misunderstandings  genre:romance  genre:humor  trope:domestic  trope:university  ~futbol  fandom:sports  pairing:misc  rating:pg-13 
may 2015 by rahmbo
Furbol - Agger/Nando -- Stigmatophilia
Dan hung up and spent a good two minutes staring into space before snapping out of it. You’re just excited at the prospect of some things getting fixed around here, he told himself. You definitely do not have a crush on a voice on the phone. You are not that pathetic. Not yet. Dan is a tattoo artist whose house is falling down around him. Fernando is his new landlord.
fic  genre:au  trope:outside.office.job  trope:artistic.job  pairing:agger/torres  fandom:sports  ~futbol  genre:romance  relationship:first-time  trope:domestic  trope:misunderstandings  trope:coming.out.reveals  trope:manual.job 
may 2015 by rahmbo
RM - Isco/Toni, Sese/Iker, Cris/Gareth -- two out of seven idiots
He's given Disco his tuna chunks in jelly, and is in the middle of cooking his own dinner when his phone buzzes against his thigh. Toni digs it out of his pocket with one hand, stirring absentmindedly as he read's Isco's message. Kroos was lonely 2day :( Can I bring him over next time? As long as u let me handle cooking
fic  relationship:first-time  trope:coming.out.reveals  trope:outsider.pov  genre:schmoop  fandom:sports  ~futbol  pairing:isco/kroos  pairing:bale/ronaldo  pairing:casillas/ramos  rating:pg-13  relationship:established  trope:domestic  genre:humor  genre:au 
may 2015 by rahmbo
RM - Isco/Toni/James -- the rabbit's foot
He opened the case folder and saw what the fuss was all about. A German businessman had turned in his resignation early and now needed protection against his past employees. Apparently the last guy who’d resigned had gotten a bullet through the eyes, and this Toni Kroos was afraid of the same thing happening to him. In return for his protection, he was willing to stand in court against his old company.

Isco frowned. It was a goddamn babysitting job.
fic  relationship:first-time  genre:au  trope:criminals.mafia.bandits  trope:cop.fbi.cia  trope:illness.injury  trope:domestic  trope:coming.out.reveals  genre:humor  genre:schmoop  genre:romance  ~futbol  fandom:sports  pairing:kroos/rodriguez  pairing:isco/kroos  trope:+some  pairing:other  pairing:misc  rating:pg-13 
may 2015 by rahmbo
Real Madrid - Isco/Toni -- six steps forward, six steps back
“We shouldn’t have lost,” is what comes out because his brain isn’t working right. His thoughts are a mess and no matter how much he tries, he just can’t push the game away.

“I know,” Toni replies in an even tone, ever the pragmatic; ever the reasonable one. He sounds so calm compared to Isco, who is a bomb waiting to explode.

“We played better than them, as a team and individually,” Isco adds. Not a lot better. Not overwhelmingly better. Not five-to-zero better. Just enough to make the scoreline seem like the bitter punchline of a painful joke.

“We did,” Toni agrees.

“And that referee was a dick,” Isco spits out, all vicious anger and spite.
fic  relationship:first-time  trope:coming.out.reveals  trope:domestic  trope:coda  ~futbol  fandom:sports  rating:pg-13  @verse  pairing:misc 
may 2015 by rahmbo
RM - Toni/James -- Sorry, Right Number
When James gets Sergi's number one night, he thinks this luck is finally changing. When the number ends up being a fake that really belongs to a German transplant to Madrid, he thinks he should've seen it coming. And when the German guy in question ends up being better than anything he could ever dream up, he thinks the dating gods have a really screwed up sense of humor.
@wip  ~futbol  fic  genre:au  relationship:first-time  trope:chat  trope:misunderstandings  genre:romance  genre:humor  pairing:kroos/rodriguez 
april 2015 by rahmbo
Liga - Messi/Cris -- Nutmeg City Limits
Lionel Messi was a tricky little bastard. Which was how Cristiano Ronaldo ended up flat on his back with handcuffs around his wrists and a cock up his ass.
trope:bondage  fic  ~futbol  pairing:messi/ronaldo  rating:nc-17  relationship:established  trope:coda  trope:dom/sub  fandom:sports  genre:pwp 
april 2015 by rahmbo

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