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Seeds is a zine made by you, about all the awesome ideas you're having, experiments you're making and things you're doing with generative software.
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yesterday by axodys
Really Friendly Command Line Intro - Hello Web Books
Curious about the command line? This friendly introduction will go over basics for beginners in a fun, illustrated zine format and online text.
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27 days ago by bezthomas
artsy zine. reeks of postmodernism and long bread.
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28 days ago by abstresma
Everyday Sigils by Eden Black
Everyday Sigils was a tongue-in-cheek series of Chaos Magick sigils originally published on Tumblr in 2015.

While the blog was only active for about six months, I was really pleased with the body of work, and have finally compiled my favorites in this zine. Over 60 sigils are featured here, including some bonus ones made after the blog was shut down.
sigil  magic  zine 
7 weeks ago by bezthomas
Pen Transmissions
PEN Transmissions is a new online zine dedicated to international writing and a digital home for some of the best writers from around the world.

Each month PEN Transmissions will bring you a brand new issue packed with original writing and interviews.

PEN Transmissions is brought to you by English PEN. We are a charity that promotes the freedom to write and the freedom to read.

The writers published on PEN Transmissions don’t necessarily reflect the opinions or values of English PEN.
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10 weeks ago by stjp

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