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The importance of staying Zen (and how I try to do it) | Brash & Brilliant
To me, this is meditation at its simplest: notice → breathe → move on. You don’t need to critique yourself on how long you breathe before your mind wanders. You don’t need to ask yourself if you’re doing it right. But if you do, acknowledge that, then move on. Be kind to yourself in these moments. Just simply notice, breathe, and move on.
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6 days ago by peroty
A Zen Master Reveals a Powerful Mindfulness Strategy to Stop Negative Thought Cycles - Hack Spirit
If you’ve ever read wisdom from the likes of Buddha, Osho or Eckhart Tolle, then you’ve undoubtedly heard the phrase “become an observer of your mind.”. But what does it exactly mean?
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8 days ago by kogakure
Faith Mind Inscription
Hsin-hsin Ming (Wade-Giles)
Xinxin Ming (Pinyin) Xin4xin1 Ming2
Shinjinmei (or Shinjin no Mei) (Japanese)
Sinsim Myong (Korean)
Literally, Believing Heart (Mind) Inscription or Faith-Heart (Mind) Inscription
8 days ago by peterkaminski
Goethe Was A Reincarnated Chinese Monk
Neat little article referencing humanism, zen, flow, kahnemann; and the benefit of keeping notes (distributed cognition)
zen  flow  wu-wei  humanism  creativity  distributed-cognition 
8 days ago by pjohnkeane
The Dragon's Orb: Zen Aesthetic Principles in Budo
In the training halls that come from the Japanese martial lineage we find what was once simple and crude acts of violence elevated to a a high art form that transcends the physical techniques and moves us towards a far deeper practice.
aesthetic  design  japanese  japanese-design  principle  zen 
9 days ago by kogakure
No Longer Writing, Philip Roth Still Has Plenty to Say
In an exclusive interview, the (former) novelist shares his thoughts on Trump, #MeToo and retirement.

"C.M. Looking back, how do you recall your 50-plus years as a writer?

"P.R. Exhilaration and groaning. Frustration and freedom. Inspiration and uncertainty. Abundance and emptiness. Blazing forth and muddling through. The day-by-day repertoire of oscillating dualities that any talent withstands — and tremendous solitude, too. And the silence: 50 years in a room silent as the bottom of a pool, eking out, when all went well, my minimum daily allowance of usable prose.


"I’ve tried to be uncompromising in depicting these men each as he is, each as he behaves, aroused, stimulated, hungry in the grip of carnal fervor and facing the array of psychological and ethical quandaries the exigencies of desire present. I haven’t shunned the hard facts in these fictions of why and how and when tumescent men do what they do, even when these have not been in harmony with the portrayal that a masculine public-relations campaign — if there were such a thing — might prefer. I’ve stepped not just inside the male head but into the reality of those urges whose obstinate pressure by its persistence can menace one’s rationality, urges sometimes so intense they may even be experienced as a form of lunacy. Consequently, none of the more extreme conduct I have been reading about in the newspapers lately has astonished me."

"Masturbation is madness."
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22 days ago by ingenu

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