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The Way Forward in Surname Studies by George Redmonds - YouTube
Delivered at Guild of One-Name Studies seminar on Medieval and Early Modern Records
Surnames  DNA  Medieval  Youtube 
7 hours ago by HDG
YouTube now lets you swipe through videos like Instagram Stories
With each swipe forward you’ll see a new recommend video. Swipe back to return right where you left off on the previous video.It’s basically YouTube’s take on something like Snapchat or Instagram’s stories, which have popularized swiping across video content horizontally. It should theoretically make it just a little bit easier and faster to find something to watch – pretty much the 2019 version of channel surfing.
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8 hours ago by motiveunknown
YouTube Music sponsors BRIT Awards, calling show a 'lightning rod for artist successes'
YouTube is sponsoring the 2019 BRIT Awards: its recently-launched dedicated music platform, YouTube Music, has been named ‘Official Music App’ for the ceremony. Yep, the online video company that is, on occasion, and only through certain bits of its business model, the bête noire of the music business and its representative trade bodies (such as BRITs owner, the BPI), will be front and centre of the UK establishment’s big night as the official partner.
dd  mi  YouTube 
8 hours ago by motiveunknown
Hidden macOS Finder Tips You Probably Don't Know! - YouTube
Liked on YouTube: Hidden macOS Finder Tips You Probably Don't Know! — January 18, 2019 at 09:22AM
IFTTT  YouTube 
8 hours ago by jeffernet
Strange answers to the psychopath test | Jon Ronson - YouTube
Is there a definitive line that divides crazy from sane? With a hair-raising delivery, Jon Ronson, author of The Psychopath Test, illuminates the gray areas between the two. (With live-mixed sound by Julian Treasure and animation by Evan Grant.)
psychology  english  2012  video  youtube 
11 hours ago by ezequiel

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