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In Defense of YAML
YAML's strength is as a structured data format. Yes, it has issues. Whitespace is a minefield. Its syntax is surprisingly complex. It has gotchas: "Anyone who uses YAML long enough will eventually get burned when attempting to abbreviate Norway." But YAML is human readable and supports comments: two key benefits that drive its popularity.

Where it can go wrong is where we use YAML to describe behavior.

This is not structured data. This is programming masquerading as configuration.

YAML as data format is defensible. YAML as a programming language is not. If you're programming, use a programming language...
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yesterday by jeffjensen
Support streaming decoder · Issue #31 · ghodss/yaml
k8s.io/apimachinery/pkg/util/yaml を使うのが正解らしい。
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5 days ago by summerwind
niet · PyPI
Shell config file parser (json, yaml)
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8 days ago by fareed
examples/cassandra-statefulset.yaml at master · kubernetes/examples · GitHub
Kubernetes application example tutorials. Contribute to kubernetes/examples development by creating an account on GitHub.
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13 days ago by po

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