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Fixing the alternate screen problem
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Fixing the alternate screen problem

Many of you probably know the annoying behaviour of console-based programs like less or vi restoring the screen after exiting so that the text you just had there vanishes.
I never understood why you'd want that, and it's commonly enabled by default on Linux machines.

The underlying feature is called "alternate screen" and basically its a feature of your terminal (be it xterm, gnome-term or even your console).

If you want to get rid of it, you have a few options: ....
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10 days ago by dusko
shell - OS X Terminal lines don't go into scrollback - Server Fault
I have a problem that crops up when using Mac OS X's Terminal (TERM=xterm): sometimes it gets itself into a state where lines that scroll off the top are not added to the scrollback buffer. I'm not using screen or similar; this is a plain bash shell inside a Terminal tab.

This means that the terminal is using the alternate screen buffer. There is a main screen, which scrolls into the scrollback log, and an alternate screen that does not. "Full screen" or "screen-oriented" programs like top, less, emacs, vim and screen switch the terminal to the alternate screen by default.

Each screen has its own contents and state. Having an alternate screen enables programs to take over the entire display, then restore the previous contents when they exit, by switching back to the main screen.
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17 days ago by dusko
How to make Alt key work in xterm? - SysTutorials
XTerm*eightBitInput: false
XTerm*eightBitOutput: true

And to map AltGr to Alt:

Initial /etc/udev/hwdb.d/70-keyboard.hwdb :


Update /etc/udev/hwdb.d/7*-keyboard.hwdb , add :


then restart X11
make  Alt  key  work  in  xterm 
7 weeks ago by theskett
tmux copy paste with mouse | Awhan Patnaik
hold down the shift key and then left click and drag across the target text. if you want to now paste the selected text back in to xterm, you must also hold down the shift key and then middle click in order to paste the text.
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7 weeks ago by jhaubrich
( 1.79) feels faster than (8.0) on in and .

And now I can prove it with numbers.…
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8 weeks ago by aslakr

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