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RT : In case you are wondering, this is Xen booting on qemu-system-aarch64. Xen inside a QEMU ARM64 emulated machine, be…
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6 days ago by vielmetti
AtmanOS compiles ordinary Go programs into images which can be run on a hypervisor without a conventional operating system.

It provides a microkernel and implementation of Go's runtime and standard library implemented natively in Go (with a little bit of Assembly).

It currently targets the Xen hypervisor, allowing the images to be run on Amazon EC2, Rackspace Cloud, IBM SoftLayer, and other cloud providers.

Documentation and resources

Learn about the AtmanOS project and why it exists by watching the "Go without the Operating System" talk (slides) from GopherCon 2016.

Build AtmanOS and run your first program by following the tutorial for running programs locally with Vagrant.
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18 days ago by euler
compiles ordinary Go programs into images which can be run on a hypervisor without a conventional operating system.
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18 days ago by Z303
grant-table.cxendrivers - kernel/git/torvalds/linux.git - Linux kernel source tree
Source for grant-tables Xen, useful for understanding and troubleshooting memory lock errors.
xen  virtualisation 
20 days ago by rubenerd
CBSD - FreeBSD Jail Management Tools
CBSD is a management layer written for the FreeBSD jail(8) subsystem, aimed at unifying racct(8), vnet, zfs(8), carp(4), hastd(8) in one tool and providing a more comprehensive solution for building and deploying applications quickly with pre-defined software sets with minimal configuration.
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26 days ago by dusko
Xen Windows PV Drivers 8.2.0
Xen has official PV drivers now, hashtag boom. Used the ejb builds before.
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5 weeks ago by rubenerd
VTd HowTo - Xen
VT-d Pass-Through is a technique to give a domU exclusive access to a PCI function using the IOMMU provided by VT-d. It is primarily targeted at HVM (fully virtualised) guests because PV (paravirtualized) pass-through does not require VT-d (altough it may be utilized too)
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5 weeks ago by ezequiel
Xen, a hypervisor - Works On Arm
Great job on ! It looks like you covered all bases, but how can I help? :-)
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11 weeks ago by vielmetti
XenServer-snapshot-backup - GitHub
XenServer-snapshot-backup - Simple script to backup a Citrix XenServer system
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11 weeks ago by dusko
Qubes OS
A Xen/Linux distro for secure laptops
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july 2017 by nelson

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