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Happening ATM: WWCodeManila Study Group led by Charmaine Legaspi here πŸ‘πŸ‘

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1 hour ago by rukku
Xcode clang version record
Xcode, Clang, LLVM version mapping
macosx  xcode  clang  llvm 
yesterday by spl
Xcode Build Configuration Files - NSHipster
Software development best practices prescribe strict separation of configuration from code. Learn how you can use `xcconfig` files to make your Xcode projects more compact, comprehensible, and powerful.
xcode  configuration  ios  xcconfig  cd  ci 
8 days ago by acrookston
airbnb/BuckSample: An example app showing how Buck can be used to build a simple iOS app.
An example app showing how Buck can be used to build a simple iOS app. - airbnb/BuckSample
xcode  build 
10 days ago by gzfrancisco

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