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Launched today: a website exploring the 30 years of the Web

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10 days ago by danbri
Adactio: Journal—WorldWideWeb
A simulation of using the first ever web browser, recreated inside your web browser.
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4 weeks ago by hockendougal
The History of the Web
Fascinating stories plucked straight from the history of the World Wide Web, complete with a timeline that ranges from 1989 to today.
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9 weeks ago by gilberto5757
Save the date: World Wide Web turns 30 on March 12 – World Wide Web Foundation
We’ll be celebrating the web’s 30 birthday on Tuesday, March 12 and you’re invited to join us!
When Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web in 1989, he changed the world forever. To mark this milestone, Sir Tim will embark on a 30-hour journey, starting at CERN in Switzerland where he worked when he invented the web and ending in Lagos, Nigeria.
The celebrations will kick-off at CERN in Geneva on the morning of March 12, where Sir Tim will join a great line-up of speakers to reflect on the impact the web has had over the last 30 years. The event will be live-streamed from 8:00 am CET.
Later that day, in partnership with the Science Museum in London, we’re hosting an evening of conversation with Sir Tim who, along with other leaders in science, technology and policy, will discuss how the web has changed our lives and what we can do to protect it. The event will be live-streamed from 17:00 GMT.
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10 weeks ago by rgl7194
Contract for the Web – Working groups kick off – World Wide Web Foundation
We previously wrote that a core group of eight key actors from Government, Private Sector and Civil Society have come together to coordinate on building a full Contract for the Web — one that is robust, effective, and widely adopted. To inform this effort, 80 of the 200+ organisations that have backed the contract have volunteered to participate in working groups to do the important work of defining the rights and responsibilities to be included in the final contract.
Working Groups
We’re excited to share that these working groups have kicked off their first set of regular engagements. Given the interconnectedness of the 9 principles that will guide the contract, we have opted to tackle them through the following five groups:
Principles 1 & 4 (Access): Government and private sector commitments to achieve affordable access, connectivity, and accessibility standards online.
Principle 2 (Openness): Concrete commitments that governments and companies must make to ensure that all of the internet is available, all of the time.
Principles 3 & 5 (Privacy & Data Rights): Steps that governments and companies can take to ensure privacy is respected online.
Principle 6 (Positive Tech): How companies can ensure that technology creation and use is focused on human values and better experiences for everyone, and addresses the harms associated with some current use.
Principles 7, 8 & 9 (Public Action): Steps that citizens can take towards creating a healthier internet.
We have worked hard to ensure diversity of sector, geography and gender identity, as well as a balance between policy and operational expertise. Around 35% of the members of the working groups come from private sector, 50% from CSOs, and the remaining 15% from government. Over 35% of the representatives identify as female, and over 30% come from the Global South.
These groups won’t build the final contract alone. Once a draft of the Contract for the Web is produced, it will be made available to a broader set of stakeholders and signatories who, with feedback and suggestions, will guide us towards a final version.
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10 weeks ago by rgl7194

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