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Winter War
During the Winter War the Soviet Red Army invaded Finland. The Soviets did so because they wanted a part of the Finnish territory. The battle ended with the Treaty of Moscow in which the Soviet leaders managed to gain a larger proportion of Finnish territory than they wanted before the conflict started.
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Fortress of War (2010) - IMDb
Directed by Aleksandr Kott. With Aleksey Kopashov, Andrey Merzlikin, Pavel Derevyanko, Aleksandr Korshunov. A war drama set during the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union in June 1941, in which Soviet troops held on to a border stronghold for nine days.
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RT : The Winning Smuggler Who Saved Hundreds of Lives in >> Gino Bartali - re…
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A Global, Invisible Empire
Two things happen in the 1940s and after that help set the shape of power. One is a serious, worldwide revolt against empire by colonized peoples, both within and without the Greater United States, driving the cost of colonialism up. At the same time, the United States masters several new technologies that allow it to project power without holding large populated colonies, and those technologies drive the demand for colonialism down.

That doesn’t mean that the United States no longer needs any land: rather, it doesn’t need large swathes of land and can make do with small splotches. I describe it as the emergence of a “pointillist” empire: if you look at all of the US overseas territory today, if you were to mash it all together, you would have a land area that’s less than the size of Connecticut. That’s all the colonies and military bases that we know about.

Nevertheless, that’s hundreds of extremely important points that the United States controls around the Earth’s surface, so it’d be a mistake to round those down to zero and to not really understand how crucial they are to the exercise of US power today.
imperialism  ww2  colonialism 
14 days ago by perich
Empire of Ignorance, Ignorance of Empire – Fellow Travelers
“COCOM” is short for Combatant Command, of which the United States maintains 10. Six of these are regional: NORTHCOM for North America, SOUTHCOM for Central and South America, AFRICOM for most of Africa, INDOPACOM for the Pacific and India, EUCOM for Europe, the Near East, and all of Russia, and CENTCOM, for a swath of land that runs from Egypt through Kazakhstan. Beyond the geographic areas of responsibility are commands for the sinews of modern warfare: Transportation Command, which controls parts in transit, Strategic Command, devoted to the nuclear force, Cyber Command, for how the internet spills into war, and Special Operations Command, coordinating special forces from across the military in their missions of regular irregular warfare.

A 2011 version of the COCOM map is titled “The World With Commanders’ Areas of Responsibility.” If colonial imperialism was about clarifying which imperial power formally controlled which swaths of territory, the net effect of pointillist imperialism is a map showing where and how the United States is able to act across the globe. Today, it is America’s hard power projection that tells the story of its unbounded territorial scope.
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Operation Gladio
Crazy post-WW2 plan to station secret police and troops in NATO countries to fight back if the Soviets invaded. Led to some abuses.
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Haavara Agreement - Wikipedia
Aftale mellem Nazi-regimet og zionistiske jøder. Evidens i sagen om at Hitler var zionist.
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2 fascinating images of , a man-made rubble hill built in 's Forest after : b…
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The History Behind Captain America Punching Hitler | CBR
What did it mean for Cap to punch out Hitler a year before the U.S. went to war with Germany?
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