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Document: The Symbolism Survey
"Confident, if not downright cocky, he thought the surveys could settle a conflict with his English teacher by proving that symbols weren’t lying beneath the texts they read like buried treasure awaiting discovery."
1 hour ago by kevan
Kramdown AsciiDoc (Markdown to AsciiDoc)
Kramdown AsciiDoc (gem: kramdown-asciidoc) is a Kramdown extension for converting Markdown documents to AsciiDoc. Notably, the converter generates modern AsciiDoc syntax suitable for use with Asciidoctor.
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9 hours ago by dserodio
The DEV Community
Where programmers share ideas and help each other grow.
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10 hours ago by starpause
Hilary Mantel says final Wolf Hall book likely to be delayed | Books | The Guardian
Asked about the final instalment, Mantel said: “It simply depends when it comes in … you know, publishing goes in seasons. If I can get it [finished] early in the new year, it might very well come out in later summer. But I have to say that this is looking increasingly unlikely.”

The book may not appear until 2019, said Mantel, who denied that her failure to finish the novel to schedule was a sign of reluctance to write about Cromwell’s execution in July 1540. “People ask me if I’m having trouble killing off Thomas Cromwell. No, why would I?”
19 hours ago by craniac

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