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KRACK - Wikipedia
KRACK ("Key Reinstallation Attack") is a severe replay attack (a type of exploitable flaw) on the Wi-Fi Protected Access protocol that secures Wi-Fi connections. It was discovered in 2016[1] by the Belgian researchers Mathy Vanhoef and Frank Piessens of the University of Leuven.[2] Vanhoef's research group published details of the attack in October 2017.[3] By repeatedly resetting the nonce transmitted in the third step of the WPA2 handshake, an attacker can gradually match encrypted packets seen before and learn the full keychain used to encrypt the traffic.

The weakness is exhibited in the Wi-Fi standard itself, and not due to errors in the implementation of a sound standard by individual products or implementations. Therefore, any correct implementation of WPA2 is likely to be vulnerable.[4] The vulnerability affects all major software platforms, including Microsoft Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, OpenBSD and others.[3]
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6 weeks ago by slmingol
How to setup WiFi on Raspbian Jessie Lite – The Pi Hut
Just edit /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf

But it's better to use wicd IMO
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august 2017 by nullrend

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