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Grow with Google New York City - Home
"The Grow with Google New York City Learning Center opens on April 8th and will offer free digital skills training to all New Yorkers. There’ll be workshops, 1:1 coaching, community events and more. So whether you're a business owner who wants to reach new customers, an educator interested in bringing digital tools into your classroom, or looking to learn new skills to grow your career -- there’s a class for you."
workshops  training  Google  NYC 
9 days ago by stephenfrancoeur
Technique for turning user stories into user journeys
toolkit  ideation  workshops 
17 days ago by treblekicker
"This workshop looks to explore the ethical and societal issues centered around using intelligent technologies (Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Intelligence, Machine Learning, and in general Semantic Web Knowledge Technologies) to further scientific discovery, with a strong consideration of data ethics and algorithmic accountability."
AI  webs  workshops 
29 days ago by jschneider
Hobey Ford's Peepers Puppets |
The original Peepers Puppet transforms your hand in to a fun, lovable character!
nakai  workshops 
4 weeks ago by jacobzimmer
Photography Workshops Directory
photography  travel  workshops  directory 
5 weeks ago by timstahmer
explore the creation of musical instruments on the computer and their relationships to acoustic instruments. We explore how graphical visualisation can help to control musical patterns, but also physical controllers and sensors.
ixi  workshops 
6 weeks ago by gdw

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