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Prioritizing What Not to Do (Yet)
It’s incredibly powerful to prioritize not just what to do, but what not to do. I kept that memo printed on my desk. I marked it up as we made progress and resorted to finding new colors of pens and squiggles when I needed to represent changes along the way. I used it to keep myself grounded when I had those weeks where it felt like all hell was breaking loose around me.
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8 hours ago by spaceninja
GitHub Apps to automate and improve your workflow
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yesterday by antigremlin
A design tool that is also a developer tool. Introducing profiles in Hadron.
There is a lot of discussion about how design should evolve. On the one hand we believe that it needs to be simple and fast, just like it’s today with any vector-based tool, but on the other hand, we want it to be powerful and do complex things:
We want to create and work alongside developers, and not just design disposable static assets.
We want to have the advantages and limits of the medium, and not be limited by the tool.
We want to speak a common language, one that allows sharing seamlessly across teams and tools.
The answer to all that can’t be other but moving design into the medium we design for: the Web.
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2 days ago by gwippich

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