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Powerline Escape Fix [vim] [] []
[...] The delay in leaving insert mode used to drive me nuts in vim-powerline. I posted an issue and the author pointed me to this helpful Vim config snippet as a workaround [...]
[...] The issue is that Powerline causes a delay when leaving Insert mode, but this can be fixed by changing the InsertEnter timeoutlen setting to 0: [...]
2013  blogpost  issue  configuration  vim  plugin  archived.version  tips  example  keyboard  workaround  links 
4 days ago by ezequiel
vim get slower after installing vim-airline · Issue #421 · vim-airline/vim-airline
A: [...] Super late to this, but first time install airline and encountered a similar issue. Found a nice solution should anybody else stumble along this down the line. [...]
2014  2016  issue  github  vim  plugin  ui  keyboard  performance  configuration  example  tips  links  workaround 
4 days ago by ezequiel
tmux session in weird semi-zombie state · Issue #298 · tmux/tmux
Q: [...] I'll attach to a running tmux session and all of the windows/panes in it appear frozen. But they're not actually frozen; they're just not redrawing when they receive input. [...]
issue  tmux  github  terminal  textui  workaround  2016  unix  linux  keyboard 
11 days ago by ezequiel
FAQ · vim-airline/vim-airline Wiki
I have a performance problem....
vim-airline strives to make it easy to use out of the box, which means that by default it will look for all compatible plugins that you have installed and enable the relevant extension.
Many optimizations have been made such that the majority of users will not see any performance degradation, but it can still happen. For example, users who routinely open very large files may want to disable the tagbar extension, as it can be very expensive to scan for the name of the current function. [...]
vim  plugin  neovim  faq  performance  configuration  tips  wikientry  documentation  github  ui  textui  gui  links  issue  workaround 
12 days ago by ezequiel
autocmd - Suppress output from a vim autocomand - Vi and Vim Stack Exchange
Q: I have an autocommand defined in my vimrc:

au BufWritePost * !./
The script compiles a .tex file 3 times and I don't want the output to be displayed.

Is there a way to suppress the output? [...]
2015  forumthread  stackexchange  vim  scripting  issue  workaround  example  tips 
24 days ago by ezequiel
How do I define a vim function on a single line? - Super User
A: [...] One option would be to use exe:

exe ":function! SomeFunc() \n return 0 \n endfunction"

The \n characters are interpreted as newlines by the double-quoted strings. This does mean you should be careful to escape any special sequences. [...]
2014  forumthread  stackexchange  vim  scripting  tips  example  issue  workaround 
24 days ago by ezequiel
Ignore matching order for Axis SOAP Responses · macrojames/python-zeep@e2dc96e · GitHub
Patch to workaround Zeep problem parsing out-of-order parameters in response from Apache Axis SOAP web service.
python  soap  suds  doctor  zeep  apache  axis  web  server  order  response  parse  xml  error  workaround  patch  bug 
27 days ago by christianmlong
Order of elements in response: XMLParseError: Unexpected element · Issue #487 · mvantellingen/python-zeep · GitHub
Link to patch to workaround Zeep problem parsing out-of-order parameters in response from Apache Axis SOAP web service.
python  soap  suds  doctor  zeep  apache  axis  web  server  order  response  parse  xml  error  workaround  patch  bug 
27 days ago by christianmlong
Ubuntu virtual terminal cursor style resetting - Super User
Q: I am running Ubuntu 14.04 and using one of the virtual terminals (TTY[1-6], accessible via Ctrl-Alt-F[1-6]); I want to permanently change the appearance of my cursor from the apparent default, a blinking underline, to a blinking box. I can change it temporarily, but it is consistently resetting when certain applications are run. [...]
(me: good explanation in the "accepted answer"; quoted excerpt from tmux(1) man page provided the only command that worked to fix tmux after neovim left the terminal in a "garbage-writing" state: printf '\033[0 q')
2016  forumthread  stackexchange  textui  terminal  configuration  issue  workaround  links  unix  linux  xterm  tmux  neovim  tips  example  debian  ubuntu  mint 
4 weeks ago by ezequiel
tmux status-bar corrupted after catting a binary file, how to reset? - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange
Q: I accidentally screw up my tmux terminal after cating a binary file. Now my tmux is messed up. Detaching and re-attaching doesn't help, nor does a redraw (C-b r). Running reset only redraws the active pane, not the rest [...]
2012  tmux  issue  workaround  terminal  tips  forumthread  stackexchange  linux  unix  xterm  textui 
4 weeks ago by ezequiel
My gamepad(arcade stick) not work only in linux : linux4noobs [reddit]
Q: Hi guys, i buyed a pxn arcade stick this one i can play without problems on all my devices, but on linux(antergos kde and kernel 4.16) the arcade is dead, no leds(only macro button led work) or anything else works. [...]
hardwaresupport  linux  sysadmin  issue  workaround  2018  forumthread  reddit  kernelmodule  gaming  usb  udev 
4 weeks ago by ezequiel

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