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想領高薪?先問自己有沒有「這項能力」 | 經理人
1. 找出问题的原因, 收集资料和有条理地推进解决方案
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34 minutes ago by muyun_
How to Actually, Truly Focus on What You’re Doing - The New York Times
In order for a session to count as deep work there must be zero distractions. Even a quick glance at your phone or email inbox can significantly reduce your performance due to the cost of context switching.
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2 hours ago by craniac
Maker Mind vs Manager Mind – Tech People Leadership – Medium
This article and others from people leading, managing, thinking and writing about leadership and management in tech.
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5 hours ago by lucaswilric
Managing Remote Teams - A Crash Course
Startup Lessons Learned - a post by @andreasklinger
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12 hours ago by frankspin
Sit less and move more to reduce risk of early death, study says | Society | The Guardian
However, the benefits were only seen among those who were not highly active to start with.

Moreover, the team found there were no benefits to be had if the total amount of sitting in a day remained the same but was broken up into short bouts.

“Sitting is harmful and is going to increase your risk [of death], no matter how you sit, whether it is in short bouts or long bouts,” said Diaz.
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13 hours ago by terry

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