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Snapshots (Dearly Beloved) - Bohemia - Merlin (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
{REPOSTED} It was always going to be electric between them, but there's a fine line between arguing and flirting. (Or the story of how Arthur Pendragon is most decidedly not Hugh Grant.)
Fandom:Merlin  Merthur  Magic  AU  modern!au  Words:20000-40000 
4 days ago by hpfan_8890
Not In This Land Alone - torakowalski - Merlin (BBC) [Archive of Our Own]
Modern AU. When Merlin Emrys gets a summer job at Buckingham Palace, he doesn't expect to even meet King Arthur, let alone become involved in protecting him from a plot to overthrow the monarchy.
Fandom:Merlin  fav  Merthur  Magic  Royalty  AU  modern!au  Words:20000-40000  pining 
4 days ago by hpfan_8890
World Comes Tumbling - lady_ragnell - Merlin (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Arthur Pendragon is working with a group of sorcerers that plan to take his father's company apart, but when a rescue attempt goes wrong and he's forced to go into hiding, he goes to a safehouse run by Merlin, the sorcerer who started his defection in the first place.
Fandom:Merlin  Merthur  AU  modern!au  Magic  Apocalypse  Words:20000-40000  angst 
4 days ago by hpfan_8890
Lost in Transcription - Veldeia - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
In a world recently turned upside down by the discovery of genetic markers for soulmates, Steve and Tony struggle to come to grips with their unexpected, unasked-for match.
Fandom:Avengers  Steve/Tony  rating:pg-13  Bonds/Mates  canon_au  pining  Words:20000-40000 
4 days ago by hpfan_8890
Promise of the Rose - Akira_of_the_Twilight - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
“Hey, I am nothing like Howard.”

“Do you dislike that others judge you so quickly?" Wanda asked. "That their perceptions of you stem from little basis or falsehoods?”

The lights in the room flickered and thunder boomed outside as the music was cut off.

Red light engulfed Wanda’s form. She thrust her hand out at Tony, striking him with the red energy surrounding her.

Tony gasped as the air was sapped out of his lungs.

“Tony Stark, since you choose to live in ignorance and perceive only falsehoods, so shall everyone in regards to you.”

Tony’s side burned, and he fell to his knees.
Fandom:Avengers  AU  canon_au  rating:pg-13  curse  secret_identity  angst  Words:20000-40000  Steve/Tony 
5 days ago by hpfan_8890
Free Floating In Space - vassalady - The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
Tony runs a small salvaging business in the backwater territory of Outer Centaurus. When scavenging a long abandoned space station leads to an unexpected find, it begins a long journey for Tony, Steve, and the rest of the Iron Bird crew as they stand on the edge of war.
Fandom:Avengers  Steve/Tony  AU  Space  no_powers  rating:nc-17  Words:20000-40000 
5 days ago by hpfan_8890
Neither Here Nor There - isthatbloodonhisshirt (wasterella) - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“Oh!” He turned to Stiles. “Is he your new bodyguard?”

Derek saw Stiles stiffen at that, wondering why, but before Stiles could open his mouth to insist that, why yes, Derek was his bodyguard like the brat he was, Derek spoke first.

“I’m Mieczyslaw Stilinski’s bodyguard.”

The confused look that crossed Scott’s face now was kind of annoying. Scott looked at Stiles, then back at Derek, and then at Stiles again.

“I see…?”
fandom:teenwolf  Derek/Stiles  AU  rating:pg-13  fav  kidnapped  Political  Bodyguard  secret_identity  known_supernatural_creatures_au  Words:20000-40000  derek_pov 
12 weeks ago by hpfan_8890
The Space Between Us - isthatbloodonhisshirt (wasterella) - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“Dude! Don’t open!” Stiles yelled almost hysterically, facing the console and kicking a panel again. “They’re gonna fucking kill me! They’re gonna think I killed this dude!” He motioned the figure lying dead on the floor.

There was a clang behind him and Stiles jerked to his feet, scrambling backwards and hitting the console, eyes locked on the entrance.

A tall, humanoid figure stepped through, aqua blue eyes rising and locking on Stiles before shifting to the dead alien on the floor.

Stiles’ heart thundered in his chest and he was positive he was about to fucking die.
fandom:teenwolf  Derek/Stiles  AU  rating:pg-13  pining  Royalty  Alien  fusion  Space  Words:20000-40000  derek_and_stiles_pov 
12 weeks ago by hpfan_8890
Broken Car, Lemon Bar - inhystereks - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Stiles got out of his car so whoever was coming wouldn't think he was just being an asshole and stopped in the middle of the road on purpose. He almost laughed when he caught sight of the approaching car. A black Camaro. Which meant Derek Hale was the one slowing down to pull up behind him. The town mechanic and also the scariest fucker around.

Oh, sweet irony.

He was exactly the person Stiles desperately needed and was also terrified of.

fandom:teenwolf  Derek/Stiles  derek_and_stiles_pov  rating:r  AU  Mechanic  student!stiles  Words:20000-40000 
12 weeks ago by hpfan_8890
from a spark to a flame - teacuphuman - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Derek's life takes a surprising twist when he adopts a cat, gets a roommate, and meets the man of his dreams, all in the same week. If only that man hadn't sworn himself off from love.
fandom:teenwolf  Derek/Stiles  rating:nc-17  AU  Firemen  Vet  pining  magic!stiles  Words:20000-40000  derek_and_stiles_pov 
12 weeks ago by hpfan_8890
Landslide - reillyblack - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Beautiful? Check.
Dismissive? Check.
Hated him? Double check.

Stiles was doomed to develop a crush of epic proportions.
fandom:teenwolf  Derek/Stiles  AU  rating:pg-13  human_au  university_au  Misunderstandings  Words:20000-40000  stiles_pov 
12 weeks ago by hpfan_8890
The Unquiet Grave - Dexterous_Sinistrous - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“Don’t cry,” the figure’s voice stated in what was meant to be a gentle tone as he calmly wiped Stiles’ tears away. “We’ll be together again soon, Marcello.”


After returning home to Beacon Hills, Stiles finds himself being stalked by a vampire who has mistaken him for its dearly departed lover of yore. Terrified out of his mind, Stiles turns to the pack for help—even if it does feel awkward asking for help from his Alpha slash ex.
fandom:teenwolf  Derek/Stiles  rating:pg-13  Vampire  angst  emissary!stiles  getting_back_together  Words:20000-40000  stiles_pov 
12 weeks ago by hpfan_8890
...And Happily Ever After - melofttroll - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
His Cinderella story was about to end at the end of a chef’s knife, probably.

Stiles meets the love of his life one night, except circumstances change their beginning to an end. Or so he thinks.

Five years later, Stiles is still thinking about that night, and the stranger on the balcony whose kisses made his knees go weak. He's sure he'll never see him again, until the day he starts at the Triskelion Resort, and realizes the soft, gorgeous stranger is the angry, impossible to work with Pasty Chef, Derek Hale. Who, as it turns out, doesn't recognize Stiles at all.
fandom:teenwolf  Derek/Stiles  AU  rating:nc-17  human_au  Cooking  student!stiles  alive_hale_family  Misunderstandings  Words:20000-40000  stiles_pov 
12 weeks ago by hpfan_8890
The Distance Between Us - Percyjacksonfan3 - The Hobbit (Jackson Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Bilbo and Thorin's thoughts throughout the events of the Hobbit and after, along with a few moments between them I've written myself. It's not quite a fix-it but they end up together so close enough.
fandom:hobbit  bilbo/thorin  rating:pg-13  pining  angst  Words:20000-40000 
july 2018 by hpfan_8890
Heartbeat Under the Mountain - chrystal896 - The Hobbit (Jackson Movies), The Hobbit - All Media Types, The Hobbit - J. R. R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings (Movies), The Lord of the Rings - J. R. R. Tolkien [Archive of Our Own]
Bilbo adjusts to caring for a nephew and realizes that the Shire holds no future for him anymore. It is time to return to the mountain. With Frodo in tow, he sets off to find out if Thorin regrets his decisions and to discover if the mountain can handle not one, not two, but three troublemakers.
The long awaited sequel to Heartbeat Under the Mountain, Thorin goes for a walk and finally gets a chance to meet his newest (and youngest) guest in the Mountain. Fluff ensues as Thorin and Frodo begin to bond.
fandom:hobbit  bilbo/thorin  everyone_lives_au  canon_era  series  rating:pg-13  Words:20000-40000 
july 2018 by hpfan_8890
Waiting On You - SolarMorrigan - James Bond (Craig movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Bond was hardly given to self-reflection, but he supposed if he put much thought into why he continued to patronize this particular restaurant, he might pin his reasoning on his server.

Because Q was absolutely his server.
Fandom:JamesBond  Bond/Q  rating:nc-17  civilian!Q  Bakery/Food  AU  Words:20000-40000 
july 2018 by hpfan_8890
How Much Love Can the Weight of Water Carry? - 00QEros (Dassandre) - James Bond (Craig movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Though Bond returned to MI6 after his ill advised jaunt around the globe with Madeleine Swann, Q still struggles with his own feelings for the agent in spite of the fact that Bond is clearly not the same man as the one who walked away from their friendship on Westminster Bridge.

James regrets having left London and MI6, but it is nothing in comparison to the remorse he feels for abandoning Q. However, James has made repairing their friendship his primary goal in the hope of gaining something he never realised he needed as badly as he does.

But Bond really hasn’t had a good time of it lately. Breaking his leg in a freak accident, James camps out at Q’s flat when the white-washed, soulless walls of Medical become too much for him to tolerate. Unfortunately, his leg is only the beginning of Bond’s health problems, and Q is conscripted into being James’ caretaker.

Confined to the close quarters of Q’s flat, the Quartermaster finds himself opening back up to the agent, but will the two men find their way to one another as they should have done years ago, or is time no longer on their side?
Fandom:JamesBond  Bond/Q  rating:nc-17  Post-Spectre  Q_as_a_Holmes  Words:20000-40000  pining 
july 2018 by hpfan_8890
Blood Moon - whalehuntingboyfriends - Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter/Funhaus RPF [Archive of Our Own]
The Dark God and the Solar Queen are fierce rivals, both striving to create the most energy to power the world they’re building. When a cruel trick by Ryan goes a little too far, he’s forced to face just how important Gavin’s become to him without him realising.
fandom:Roosterteeth  Gavin/Ryan  AU  Gods/Deities  let's_play_au  minecraft_au  H/C  angst  Words:20000-40000  rating:pg-13 
july 2018 by hpfan_8890
We Were Kings - lforevermore - Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter/Funhaus RPF [Archive of Our Own]
King Michael catches a thief in their castle one night, so King Geoff gives the boy an ultimatum - one year of sexual servitude, or prison.

Gavin has his own secrets, though, and eventually, the kings and the thief fall into something that none of them will ever escape.


Basically, an excuse for me to write everyone fucking Gavin.
fandom:Roosterteeth  AU  rating:nc-17  OT6  sex  angst  Immortal_au  Words:20000-40000  bdsm  Royalty  secret_identity  let's_play_au  minecraft_au  dubcon 
july 2018 by hpfan_8890
When You're Close I Feel the Sparks - Leslie_Knope - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
The guy is hot as hell, sure—leather jacket and glasses, Jesus, be still Stiles' poor, bisexual, beating heart—but more importantly, it must really suck being new on the first day of senior year.

“We’re adopting him,” he decides, tugging Scott and Kira by the elbow in that direction. “Let’s go.”
fandom:teenwolf  Derek/Stiles  rating:r  school_au  alive_hale_family  emissary!stiles  Words:20000-40000  AU  canon_au  derek_and_stiles_pov 
july 2018 by hpfan_8890

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