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(Almost Believing) This One's Not Pretend - diemarysues - The Hobbit - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
Thorin Oakenshield and Bilbo Baggins have been friends since they attended the same university some years ago. Bilbo decides one day to surprise Thorin by making the long flight over to spend the holidays with him. Unfortunately, Thorin's house is currently overrun with family who seem too interested in Thorin's (lack of) love life. Misunderstandings occur and suddenly Thorin and Bilbo are boyfriends - but not really.

They've done crazier things before; surely pretending to be together will be a piece of cake. Right?
fandom:hobbit  bilbo/thorin  rating:pg-13  AU  modern!au  fake/pretend_relationship  pining  Words:12000-20000 
4 days ago by hpfan_8890
An Argument for Boredom - Only_1_Truth, roseforthethorns - James Bond (Craig movies) [Archive of Our Own]
After leaving MI6, James Bond becomes a killer-for-hire. Unfortunately, he’s entirely too good at it, and it’s left him not only jaded but bored out of his fucking mind.

Enter Quincey Worthington. He’s rich, he’s a genius, he hates his father, and he’s bored. It’s a bad combo. It gets even worse when someone is sent to murder him… The chaos that ensues just might end well for both of them, and if nothing else, it certainly ends the boredom.
Fandom:JamesBond  Bond/Q  AU  different_first_meeting  civilian!Q  rating:nc-17  Words:12000-20000 
5 days ago by hpfan_8890
Stained Glass - AtoTheBean - James Bond (Craig movies) [Archive of Our Own]
James is convinced that broken things, like himself, can't be beautiful. Q tries to show him another perspective.
Fandom:JamesBond  Bond/Q  rating:r  Numbered  angst  Words:12000-20000 
5 days ago by hpfan_8890
The Arts of Domesticity - TheVineSpeaketh - James Bond (Craig movies), Skyfall (2012) - Fandom, SPECTRE (2015) [Archive of Our Own]
"He'd been lucky to find Q in his search for a roommate."

In which Bond is rooming with Civilian!Q, and things are great... or so he thought.
"Now that Q had some clue as to what was going on, James was able to tell the truth.

Well, to an extent."

For Q and James, life goes on. After James is gone for a few weeks, though, things seem to change. Again.
"James, c’mon mate, the first one read.

You can’t seriously tell me you’re not bored too, the second one read.

James quickly shot him a message back—Not bored, get a hobby—before looking back up at the screen. Holmes had moved his queen, and James frowned, unsure what Holmes was doing now. 'Have you been looking up chess strategies?'"

Things have been slow at MI6, and after Q leaves for work one night, Bond busies himself as best he can. Unfortunately, Alec's bored. Fortunately, when he inevitably shows up at Bond's apartment, he brings scotch.
"Slowly, he tore himself apart, heart and soul, convincing himself this was happiness. And Q was none the wiser."

Despite what Alec had said, James is still convinced that Q should avoid him at all costs. And then he gets a lead in an unsanctioned case that takes him all the way to Mexico City...

Heavily reliant on SPECTRE's plot. Thus, there are many spoilers ahead.
Fandom:JamesBond  Bond/Q  rating:pg-13  canon_au  civilian!Q  pining  Roommates  Words:12000-20000  series 
5 days ago by hpfan_8890
I'm someone you maybe might love - alterocentrist - Carmilla (Web Series) [Archive of Our Own]
Before boarding an early morning flight to Los Angeles, Laura picks up a stranger's backpack by accident.
fandom:Carmilla  CarmillaxLaura  AU  rating:pg-13  Words:12000-20000  human_au 
5 days ago by hpfan_8890
The Wrong Trouser-Leg of Time - kathkin - Merlin (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
For this prompt over at kinkme_merlin. Arthur thinks the space-time continuum is messing with him, but perhaps it's actually making things the way they're meant to be.
Fandom:Merlin  Merthur  rating:r  alternate/parallel_universe  Words:12000-20000  modern!au  AU 
5 days ago by hpfan_8890
Running out of Time - Lenalena - The Avengers (Marvel Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Prompt: "After the events of IM 1, Tony joins the expedition searching for Captain America as a holiday to get away from all the media speculation and stock value crash hate he was getting from the board. He's testing out new kit, working up a new portfolio of technology to boost the company back up, when he finds a plane wreck, buried halfway under the Greenland ice sheet."

That is how he ends up hiding Captain America in plain sight, while the man gets adjusted to the 21st century. He is just doing him a favor, okay?

What could possibly go wrong?
Fandom:Avengers  Steve/Tony  different_first_meeting  rating:nc-17  canon_au  Words:12000-20000 
5 days ago by hpfan_8890
Your Device for Saving the World - wisia - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
Steve struggles to adjust to the modern day after being defrosted in a world where Iron Man disappeared from the public a few months before his discovery. He is lonely and depressed until Natasha gives him a StarkPad. To Steve’s surprise, he finds a friend and a way to save the world through it.
Fandom:Avengers  Steve/Tony  canon_au  different_first_meeting  rating:pg-13  preslash  Words:12000-20000 
5 days ago by hpfan_8890
nerve - ExtremeEvil95 - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
With the world on the brink of destruction, Steve flies out to the compound again after years on the run. There, he comes to face everything and everyone he left behind.
Fandom:Avengers  Steve/Tony  rating:pg-13  Post-CW  Words:12000-20000  angst 
6 days ago by hpfan_8890
The True Blood Protocol - SilverSlashes - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
Everyone in New York knew that the best place to find salacious, safe, high-end exotic dancing of both the male and female variety was the side-by-side mecca of Stark Naked and Buck Wild; two clubs in actuality, two buildings, sharing an interior stairway and a reputation for discretion.

Everyone in vampire New York knew that both Stark Naked and Buck Wild were run by city elders Tony Stark and James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes. They had combined their businesses when they’d started sharing a bed more than a decade ago and they’d run the underworld of the city for almost that long.

Steve had known all of that before he’d sat down in the red velvet office chair.


Tony and Bucky are vampire city elders and club owners. Steve is still enhanced, but a modern man, and very much human. He goes to interview for the job as Head of Security at the clubs Tony and Bucky own. The vamps fall for Steve. Steve resolutely does not fall for the vamps… nope, not one bite... I mean, bit.
Fandom:Avengers  AU  rating:nc-17  Vampire  Club  Bucky/Steve/Tony  Words:12000-20000  security 
6 days ago by hpfan_8890
Every Day of the Year - ashes0909 - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
When Pepper Potts offers Tony a way out of fundraising events for a year, he jumps at the opportunity. How it ends up in space travel, whipped cream fights, and embarrassing confessions is anyone’s guess.
Fandom:Avengers  Steve/Tony  rating:nc-17  jealousy  fluff  Words:12000-20000  pining 
6 days ago by hpfan_8890
Being Close to You - isthatbloodonhisshirt (wasterella) - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Realization dawned and Derek cursed himself viciously. How could he be stupid enough to forget Scott was a Werewolf? He could fucking smell him! Scott knew it was him!

“Stiles?” Scott asked uncertainly while Stiles started opening and closing various cabinets, looking for who knew what. “That’s not a d—”

Derek snarled and let out a loud bark, eyes glowing blue in Scott’s direction since Stiles couldn’t see him from where he was standing. Scott scowled at him, moving closer to him and inhaling pointedly.

“What are you doing here, Derek?” Scott asked, voice low enough that Stiles wouldn’t hear. He wasn’t listening anyway, still panicking and randomly opening things.

(SNYE - January 6th - Pining)
fandom:teenwolf  Derek/Stiles  rating:pg-13  derek_pov  pining  student!derek  secret_identity  Words:12000-20000 
12 weeks ago by hpfan_8890
For the Love of The Game (It Made Me Love You) - Quirky_chemist - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Stiles tugs on the arm braces of his armor, tightening the leather straps so that they were snug and in place. Scott was watching him with worried eyes as he finishes suiting up for the tournament. Every few minutes he would mumble under his breath about how Stiles’ father would kill him if he found out what they were doing.

It was easy enough to fake the papers needed for an unknown knight from a rarely heard of territory, especially when you had the resources that Stiles did. He would ride as his true identity, but none would ever ride against him. Knowing that he was royalty, every knight would quickly and surely send one of their men to cover their shield with a white flag in withdrawal. It was an annoying truth that Stiles could not deny.
fandom:teenwolf  Derek/Stiles  AU  Historical  rating:pg-13  pining  secret_identity  Knights  Royalty  Words:12000-20000  stiles_pov 
12 weeks ago by hpfan_8890
Safe Place to Land - Green - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
The Hales have been tracking a group of hunters who've targeted small packs with the help of a magic user. When they finally attack the hunter compound, they aren't expecting to find Stiles, a Spark who's practically a slave, and his young werewolf son. Derek isn't expecting the Spark to be his mate, either.
fandom:teenwolf  Derek/Stiles  AU  rating:pg-13  canon_au  alive_hale_family  magic!stiles  Bonds/Mates  Children  Words:12000-20000  stiles_pov  slavery  fav 
12 weeks ago by hpfan_8890
The Wishing Globe - dr_girlfriend - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Derek didn’t want to be a part of anything. He lived a deliberately nomadic life, avoiding personal connections and never staying more than a few years in the same place. As hard as it was to be a ‘wolf without a pack, he was getting by. Shep was enough of a pack to stabilize him, and he never stayed long enough in a place to get territorial about it. Yet, the thought of leaving Beacon Hills in his rearview mirror, as he had left so many other places…
fandom:teenwolf  Derek/Stiles  AU  rating:pg-13  magic!stiles  Words:12000-20000  derek_pov 
12 weeks ago by hpfan_8890
Five Times Stiles Fell Out of a Window and the One Time He Jumped - isthatbloodonhisshirt (wasterella) - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“What are you doing?”

Stiles started so violently that his hands slipped. He was leaning out so far, and his balance had been relying on his hands so much that he just tumbled right out the window, rolling along the slanted roof and letting out a loud shout when he fell over the end.

He landed hard on his side, pain shooting up his shoulder and let out a very loud curse that his neighbours probably all heard. He rolled onto his back with a groan, clutching at his injured shoulder, and opened his previously closed eyes in time to see Derek standing on the roof, staring down at him with the eyebrows.

How was Derek’s entire language just eyebrows?

“What the hell?” Stiles demanded, sitting up and still holding his injured arm. “Where did you come from?”

“The door,” Derek informed him, giving him a look.
fandom:teenwolf  Derek/Stiles  rating:pg-13  Future  Numbered  H/C  hurt!stiles  pining  Words:12000-20000  stiles_pov 
12 weeks ago by hpfan_8890
You’re an Understatement (you’re getting worse) - LadySlytherin - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Erica’s goal in life was to be hired by Neckz’n’Throats. Not as a model, though she knew she was hot enough for that. No, she wanted to be behind the camera. And to do that, she needed two things. A glowing recommendation, and a portfolio that would grab their attention; that would make them take her seriously. For that, she needed the right models. Thankfully, she knew just who to ask.
fandom:teenwolf  Derek/Stiles  known_supernatural_creatures_au  magazine  university_au  alive_hale_family  Modeling  derek_and_stiles_pov  Words:12000-20000  AU  rating:r 
12 weeks ago by hpfan_8890
Until I Stayed Away Too Long - melofttroll - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
NY Times bestseller Derek Hale hates a lot of things about being a modern author. Like being recognized, like needing a social media presence, like not being able to buy his own boxed spaghetti noodles without being asked for a selfie. Facing writer's block, he escapes to his old hometown of Beacon Hills, at his sister's insistence, for some reprieve and hopefully motivation. It's there his attention is captured by a gangly, socially awkward teacher, and the tiny little toddler at his side who know him only as that one basketball player who fled town at fifteen after his girlfriend burnt his house down.
fandom:teenwolf  Derek/Stiles  AU  human_au  rating:nc-17  writer!derek  Children  pining  teacher!stiles  Words:12000-20000  derek_pov  celebrity 
12 weeks ago by hpfan_8890

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