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Best wood router 2019: precision cutting for serious DIY jobs | T3
First up, are you looking for the best router or the best router ? These are the ones that DIY experts use to cut through wood. Looking for the other type? Now…
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4 days ago by asaltydog
Wikipedia - Bushcraft
from Zom

"container construction from natural materials"
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6 weeks ago by cosmic
Golden Ratio, Revisited | Popular Woodworking Magazine
Sometimes I need to be reminded that not everyone who reads our blogs are at the same level of woodworking experience, and that I should give explanations as if my readers were beginners. I learned that lesson when I was teaching my first continuing education class in woodworking.
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7 weeks ago by iRunningguy
How to Make a Benchtop Shaving Horse - Heritage School of Woodworking Blog
I ran across this Benchtop Shaving Horse the other day in an old Living Woods magazine. It was designed by Nick Gibbs for the Forest Education Initiative in the U.K., based on an idea for standing horses shown in an earlier Living Woods by James Mursell and Bob Slade.
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8 weeks ago by iRunningguy
Anarchist’s 2017 Gift Guide, Day 3: No-Kill ‘Mutton’ Tallow | Popular Woodworking Magazine
Hand-tool woodworkers love mutton tallow as a lubricant for saws, auger bits and the soles of our handplanes. A smidge of the stuff will make your tool slide easier – and your shop will smell like lambchops. But because of animal-rights concerns, mutton tallow is shunned by some woodworkers.
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8 weeks ago by iRunningguy
Small Tool Organization | Popular Woodworking Magazine
Shop organization is likely a recurring topic throughout anyone’s woodworking career. That’s why we devoted several articles to the topic in our Woodworking Essentials column in Popular Woodworking Magazine back in 2007.
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8 weeks ago by iRunningguy

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