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Paying the stereotype tax in poker
"There are people who think that women shouldn’t be at a poker table, and they try to bully me. So, what do I do? I let them. And I wait to be in a good position so that I can take their chips. Just like life, right?"
women  takebackyourpower 
14 hours ago by emily
Betty Blue’s Béatrice Dalle: ‘I love Christ because he invented bondage’ | Film | The Guardian
Never afraid of controversy, the French actor talks about her love affair with Rupert Everett and all things English, her passion for punk – and why Jesus is sexy
france  film  women  sex  sexuality 
16 hours ago by craigryan
Dr. Joyce Brothers, Psychologist Who Dispensed Advice to Millions, Dies at 85 - The New York Times
In the late 1950s, amid the quiz-show scandals (which included revelations that contestants on some shows, “The $64,000 Question” among them, had been fed correct answers), Dr. Brothers was called before a grand jury. In an exercise that was curiously reminiscent of her appearances on the shows, she was peppered with arcane boxing questions to test her authentic knowledge of the subject. She passed handily, and no taint of the scandal attached to her.
women  triv 
18 hours ago by Vincennes
WWII WAC Uniform
This entry is part 14 of 23 in the series Carondelet Historical Society Project
Back in 2011, I got to borrow this World War II Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps (WAAC and later WAC) uniform with matching garrison cap from a local historical society.
This was my first shoot for the Carondelet Historical Society, and the first picture from this first shoot is my favorite. Anita had never modeled before, and was introduced to me via an online guy friend in Arkansas. How awesome is that?
Some of these pictures I edited with a Kodachrome effect. Others are as they came out of my camera and totally untouched. I could retouch her skin and remove blemishes, but I believe these add to the artistic quality of this series.
A little bit of history about this version of the WAC uniform that I found online...
WWII  military  uniform  women  40s 
yesterday by rgl7194
YouTube -- Patrice O'Neal on Hoes and Hypergamy
"Now that you love me, why do you still have your boat?" -- The Balance of Power
men  women  hypergamy  relationships  power 
yesterday by adamcrowe

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