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Self-care startup Shine raises $5 million Series A | TechCrunch
The company’s free messaging product, Shine Text, was the result of their frustrations with existing products. It tackles a timely theme every day in areas like confidence, productivity, mental health, happiness and more. And it isn’t just some sort of life-affirming text – Shine converses with you on the topic at hand using research-backed materials to help you better understand the information. It’s also presented in a style that makes Shine feel more like a friend chatting with you.

The service has grown to 2 million users across 189 countries, despite not being localized in other languages. 88 percent of users are under the age of 35, and 70 percent are female.
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Why are Females Prone to Mass Hysteria? | Psychology Today
"Many anthropologists believe that mass hysteria and spirit possession in Asia and Africa are culturally appropriate ways of indirectly negotiating problems – a form of subconscious collective bargaining."
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Woman’s Inhumanity to Woman by Phyllis Chesler | commentary
"All revolutionary movements attract big personalities who use ideological battles as a stage for their petty resentments."
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Lefsetz Letter » Blog Archive » Michelle Wolf At The Correspondents Dinner
A woman speaks truth to power and…
The right wing excoriates her and the left wing apologizes for her.
America can’t handle the truth, at least this is what the media believes, until a businessman becomes President by appealing to racists and misogynists and instead of analyzing his success, reporters kowtow to this same minority instead of acknowledging that despite talking heads’ huge salaries most Americans are suffering, worried about their future, and speaking the truth about that.
They attack us, but we can’t attack them.
That’s the lesson we learned last night. Somehow, the Administration is off limits, while the pussy-grabber in chief excoriates everyone not on his team on Twitter every damn day, and never forget, HE GOT ELECTED!
Meanwhile, the Democrats take the bait, they debate whether Nancy Pelosi has to go and keep talking about Hillary, which is like continuing to discuss the girl who dissed you at the dance and then moved away, WHY?
The fact that Michelle Wolf’s routine is national news speaks to the power of truth, she skewered everybody, even the news media itself, triumphing financially via Trump, and all we get are stories how she was out of line.
To tell you the truth, she wasn’t that funny, and I’m a fan of her HBO show, but rather than fall on her sword, like Kathy Griffin, she’s doubling-down, responding to her haters on Twitter, THIS IS HOW Y0U WIN!
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Why a Woman Needed to Take Down Donald Trump | Consequence of Sound
Let me tip-toe out on a rather sturdy limb.
Nothing I see on a festival stage, in a movie theater, or on television in 2018 will give me more satisfaction than comedian Michelle Wolf’s merciless roasting of Donald Trump, his administration, and the many who benefit from but fail to check his power on Saturday night at the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Yes, Beyoncé’s transformative Coachella set will remain the stuff of legend, and Cardi B revealing her baby bump on SNL will forever be a late-night highlight, but it’s Wolf’s mic-dropping take-down that’ll be the performance I admire most of all. That we needed most of all.
The moment she won me over?
“Trump isn’t here,” Wolf noted, early on in her 20-minute set. “I would drag him here myself, but it turns out the president of the United States is the one pussy you’re not allowed to grab.”
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Film Review: RBG Examines the Complex, Inspiring Woman Behind All the Memes | Consequence of Sound
A comprehensive but surface-level doc about the beloved Supreme Court Justice
With her “Notorious RBG” nickname branded on coffee mugs, t-shirts, biographies, and even “dissent collar” necklaces, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg sometimes feels as much like a meme as a person. Especially in recent years, her strongly worded dissenting opinions have led her to become a sort of “yaaas Queen!” icon for a younger generation desperate for socially conscious heroes with a certain social media-friendly swagger.
Kate McKinnon’s hilarious SNL impression helped cement that legacy, but when filmmakers Julie Cohen and Betsy West show Ginsburg the sketch for their new documentary RBG, she agrees it’s “marvelously funny” but also nothing like her. The real Ginsburg is no less heroic, but certainly more complicated than her social media iconography suggests. And RBG digs into those complexities by charting Ginsburg’s impressive biography via high-profile talking head interviews (Bill Clinton, Gloria Steinem, and Ginsburg herself to name a few) and an impressive amount of archival footage and audio pulled from Ginsburg’s lengthy legal career.
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0DAYROX ► Melodic Rock, AOR, Hard Rock, Prog, Classic Rock news: HEART - Greatest Hits [24 Karat Gold CD Ltd. Edition] Out Of Print
Specialists Audiofidelity released a Limited Edition 24 Karat Gold disc pressing of HEART's "Greatest Hits" (now ott of print). Unlike many 'hits' releases, this collection includes all the real early radio successes by Heart, as well as concert favorites.
Focusing on the years 1975-1983, this chronological collection features tracks from albums like 'Dreamboat Annie', 'Dog & Butterfly' and 'Bebe Le Strange'. Also includes a live cover of Led Zeppelin's 'Rock And Roll' and a 1997 studio track exclusive to this package.
The 17 solid tracks alone would be worth the price of admission, but what makes this 24K gold CD so impressive is the spectacular sound achievement produced by the talented remastering engineers from the Audio Fidelity record company.
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Women honor strong frame
Women respect a strong man that makes them feel safe, yet has the ability to scare them shitless. They want the man that everyone in the "tribe" goes to for help and the first one on the battlefield should the need arise.

Women want to believe it that it is their beauty and kindness that is holding back the dark caged animal inside you. They want to believe you would (and do most the time) treat them like a conquest, and then toss them aside. Yet for some reason you keep coming back, just don't you dare let that reason be "ease of access"
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