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Technology Papers In Wisconsin
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Technology  Papers  In  Wisconsin 
9 days ago by meldaresearch
Essay Help In Wisconsin
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Essay  Help  In  Wisconsin 
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Oxford Style Papers In Wisconsin
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Oxford  Style  Papers  In  Wisconsin 
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Informative Speech Papers In Wisconsin
When writing informative speech papers there is also a need to keep in mind and take considerations of who might be the prospective audience in the speech delivery.
Informative  Speech  Papers  In  Wisconsin 
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Persuasive Speech Papers In Wisconsin
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Persuasive  Speech  Papers  In  Wisconsin 
9 days ago by meldaresearch
Foxconn’s delays might finally give Wisconsin the upper hand • The Verge
Josh Dzieza:
<p>Even if Foxconn fails to hit its subsidy targets, Wisconsin taxpayers will be out a lot of money. The state has already spent hundreds of millions on land and infrastructure for the project, costs that go to waste if the company simply walks away. Furthermore, the way the contract is structured means Wisconsin could end up paying more per job if Foxconn hires fewer people.

The capital investment portion of the subsidy package is pegged to hiring, but not in the same way as the jobs subsidies. While Foxconn doesn’t get any hiring subsidies if it fails to meet employment thresholds, it can still get subsidies for its investments in buildings and equipment, minus whatever percentage it missed its job target by. [It was contractually obliged to have a certain number of people employed by the end of 2018 to qualify for subsidies.]

For example, if Foxconn only employs 260 people at the end of this year, half its minimum target, but invests $1bn in construction, Wisconsin could end up paying Foxconn almost $300,000 per job. Other scenarios take the cost per job above $500,000.

Jon Peacock, director of the Wisconsin Budget Project, worries that the relative ease of getting investment subsidies encourages Foxconn to build a highly automated factory rather than something employing the blue collar manufacturing workers who had featured prominently in President Donald Trump and former Governor Walker’s pitch for the deal. (It’s worth noting that Foxconn is aggressively pursuing automation in its other facilities as labor costs rise.) “I think one of the problems with the contract right now is that it makes it much easier to qualify for investment credits than job credits and that we might be incentivizing robots,” Peacock says.

Which brings up the second reason Foxconn might want to revisit the contract: it might not be eligible for the capital investment credits at all.</p>

Still one of the most amazing boondoggles actually backed by Trump; clearly now running into the sand, and the new Democratic leaders in the state are sharpening their knives.
Foxconn  wisconsin 
12 days ago by charlesarthur
They're vaping booze in Wisconsin now
Vapshot's $8,000 Alcohol MIST PRO machine doesn't technically vaporize alcohol (its $10,000 Vapshot PRO does). Instead, it attaches "micro-droplets" of liquid alcohol to the mist shots, which go straight from a latex balloon and into your lungs, resulting in a virtually calorie-free drinking experience.
alcohol  vaping  Wisconsin 
13 days ago by emkay
RT : (A short thread from )
Somewhere in the region of Wisconsin, along an empty country road lead…
Wisconsin  Driftless  from twitter
16 days ago by jreffell
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Somewhere in the region of Wisconsin, along an empty country road lead…
Wisconsin  Driftless  from twitter
16 days ago by pozorvlak

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