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SYRIA IN CONTEXT Weekly Briefing ISSUE #40 - WEEK 10/2019
In reality, the origins of the fuel crisis are complex and sanctions only play peripheral role. Initial collection on Iranian oil shipments to Syria suggest that the sanctions targeting shipping companies may indeed have had some success at deterring fuel running. No Iranian tankers reached Banyas between early November and early January, leading to near depletion of fuel reserves stored at the Syrian port. Multiple vessels commonly involved in shipping Iranian fuel to the Eastern Mediterranean, upon release of the sanctions list, changed course and avoided Syrian ports (even those not directly named by Treasury).
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RT : Here is the lastest Weekly Grooming Report.
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RT : The highest peak of Gorce, Poland ..
Photo: Karol Nienartowicz.
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In the Netherlands, ice skating is ‘in the DNA.’ A warming climate could change that.
The Elfstedentocht, a race more beloved than the Olympics, faces extinction from climate change.
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13 days ago by mirthe
Is Your Deck Spring-Ready?
Here are a few things you can do now to make sure that your deck will be ready for the next cookout.
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13 days ago by Adventure_Web

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