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WinJS Tutorial
WinJS provides the controls you need to make your app professional, functional and easy-to-use - all in one place.
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20 hours ago by HighCharisma
Paint.NET - Features
simon recommended graphics software
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yesterday by stewymac07
UMDF Driver for a Virtual Smart Card Reader - CodeProject
A simple implementation of a driver for a virtual smart card reader, based on UMDF

Working with smart cards and PKI stuff is an interesting field. You can see the state-of-art of computer security and how it can be used in the real environment from real users. But, sometimes, debugging and testing applications that work with smart cards is a real pain, especially when you have to deal with negative test cases and, as it often happens, you don't have many test smart cards to play with. What if you accidentally block a PIN? Or your CSP issues a wrong command, leaving the card in an inconsistent state? These and many other issues are quite common in this field, so one of the first things I realized when I started to work with smart cards was that I needed an emulator: something to play with without the risk of doing any damage. In this article, I will not speak about smart card OS emulation (perhaps it will be covered in the future...), but about a driver for a virtual smart card reader.
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yesterday by s7udi0

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