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Nulana - Flexiglass
Nulana is a software company that creates great applications for Mac OS X, iOS and Android platforms.
mac  app  window  manager 
19 days ago by e2b
Axiom Window Shade Pockets-Armstrong
Leviosa uses and distributes a cheaper manuf. than Axiom for similar pockets.
window  shade  pocket  system 
20 days ago by Dexxx
Shed Windows and More
Everything you need to build any sheds, playhouses, treehouses, chicken coops, or any outdoor structure besides wood
transom  window 
21 days ago by klarck
Grabb-It Labs - Your Brand, Everywhere
Sticking displays in your windows to turn your gig economy car into a rolling billboard. Though for that to actually work well, don't you need truck sized displays (which one can see periodically roaming in Tokyo)
gig  economy  car  side  window  advertising  display  service  automotive  technology 
27 days ago by asteroza

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