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The remote UK community living off-grid - BBC News
Photographer Ed Gold lived alongside the off-grid community of Scoraig in the Highlands of Scotland.
off-grid  scotland  island  wind  energy  sustainability 
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Strong plea from "We all have our favorite fuels, some , , some . But we have to deci…
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2 days ago by gourock_swimming
Ball Aerospace - OAWL- wind LIDAR
New compact wind LIDAR with long range, which in theory would allow a high altitude balloon to detect favorable wind directions and change altitude to maneuver, becoming effectively stationary.
wind  detection  LIDAR  DARPA  high  altitude  maneuvering  geostationary  stratellite  balloon 
5 days ago by asteroza
The Spanish government plans to install at least 3,000MW of and power capacity yearly in the next deca…
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7 days ago by tjweir
RT : NEW ANALYSIS has concluded it would be cheaper to build new PV and onshore capacity in Indonesia, Viet…
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wind, wave & weather reports, forecasts & statistics worldwide
weather  visualisation  wind  climate  data 
10 days ago by sushidub
RT : How ’s Kennedy Energy Park combines and to make power that is the fairest and dinkumest of th…
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