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Maclocks Solutions are the World's Best-Selling Mac Security Locks
Maclocks.com is the leading manufacturer of security locks and display solutions for Apple devices, known for its World's Best Selling iPad Lock and Macbook Lock.
With complete in-house R & D, Maclocks offers a wide range of iPad Locks, tablets locks and laptop locks of superior design, as well as secure tablet enclosures and tablet point-of-sale (POS) compatible with Apple, Samsung and Microsoft tablets. All solutions are made in accordance with the strictest traditional standards of engineering and design.
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Nuki | Smart Locks - Keyless electronic door locks for smart access
At Nuki our mission is to make access controls smarter and physical keys irrelevant, thanks to your phone. We are thrilled to take on this challenge, because we believe in the power of mobile technology innovations to facilitate the daily life of you and me. We won’t stop until we’re there.

Nuki Smart lock featured on Kickstarter!

✓ Saves time
✓ Easy to install
✓ WiFi-Access.
✓ Turn your smartphone into a smart door key!
smartlock  Office  home  eCommerce  Retail  Wholesale  EU  Villas  airbnb  Travel  Flats  luxury  Management  Rental  Short-Term  Platform  Apartment  electronics  eDoor  eLocks  Locks  building  SmartDevice 
4 weeks ago by abetancort
Electro Stocks | Líder nacional de distribución de material eléctrico
Grupo Electro Stocks, con más de 35 años de éxito, se fundó en 1981 en Barcelona. Desde entonces, se ha desarrollado hasta convertirse en líder nacional de la distribución de material eléctrico.

Desde sus inicios, Grupo Electro Stocks, se ha caracterizado por su cultura de servicio y orientación al cliente que le ha permitido año tras año aumentar su participación en el mercado de distribución de material eléctrico.

En la actualidad, mantiene una presencia amplia en toda la geografía española mediante sus dos enseñas comerciales (Electro-Stocks, Kilovatio Galicia y Fluid-Stocks), 1 centro logístico, 68 puntos de venta, 1 oficina central y un colectivo de más de 900 colaboradores que le permiten cubrir las necesidades de sus clientes en 30 provincias, representativas del 80% de la población.
Wholesale  Electricity  eCommerce  Retail  Components  Electrimega  Supplies  LPA  ES  Top0 
4 weeks ago by abetancort
Agruppa (formerly: SokoText)
"Agruppa leverages mobile phone technology to empower small food vendors in low income neighborhoods by providing them with fruits and vegetables at wholesale prices."

Received support by Hult Prize (world's largest student competition for social good) and Clinton Initiative. Pitch video:

Agrachina  Startupinthecloud  Mobile  food  foodsystems  Logistics  Africa  southamerica  Fruit_Vegetable_Trade  wholesale  Technology  SocialEntrepreneur 
5 weeks ago by eocas

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