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A Structural Model for Unity of Experience — Connecting User Experience, Customer Experience, and Brand Experience (JUS)
Hye-jin Lee, Katie Kahyun Lee и Junho Choi провели исследование связи User Experience, Customer Experience и Brand Experience. Они также собрали прорву предыдущих работ на тему, так что получится полезнейший портал в накопленные профессией знания. Статья выглядит большой, но значительная часть посвящена методологии исследования и её можно пропустить.
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RT : Content marketing audiences want more long-form . That used to just mean , but times are changi…
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october 2018 by pamneely
eBooks vs. Whitepapers
> Tirone expanded further by saying that whitepapers are often used by marketers to highlight the brand’s value proposition — which could be a product, service, or solution — in a polished deliverable with strong visuals and writing. “The structure of a whitepaper can vary, but the common components remain pretty consistent; [it starts with identifying] a problem, [followed by a] methodology, guidance, [and then the proposed] resolution,” he explained.

There’s several opinions of which work better for getting customers. One of them:

> “EBooks perform well at the “awareness” stage of the buyer journey, where a person is trying to accumulate information about a particular product or service and wants to gain a comprehensive understanding first. [Consumers at this stage] are more concerned about the “problem” part of the equation.” said Kapoor. “Whitepapers, on the other hand, target people in the “decision” stage in the buying-journey. Whitepapers are introduced when a person versed with the basics [is] looking for “proven validation” of a concept to fuel their buying decision,” he continued.

I think white papers are good for specific topics, as most of the write-up says, people who are beyond the basics. Books can be that way too (of they collect together tactics and how to’s), but books do well as overviews of the basics, to make and describe the market/problems you’re selling solutions for.
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october 2018 by cote
Everyday Ethics of AI (PDF, IBM)
Adam Cutler, Milena Pribić и Lawrence Humphrey из IBM подготовили свод этических правил для создателей интерфейсов и продуктов в целом с искусственным интеллектом. Анонс от авторов ― https://medium.com/design-ibm/everyday-ethics-for-artificial-intelligence-75e173a9d8e8.
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september 2018 by jvetrau
The purpose of this document is to take the c
onfusion out of power and voltage ratings in
specifications and in produc
t information publications.
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How to Write People Actually Want to Read (Free Template)

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