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Neuland FineOne® Whiteboard, round nib 1 mm, Single Colours | Neuland Markers | Markers & More | Product range | USA
The large color range and the soft round nib of the Neuland FineOne® ensure a completely new writing and drawing experience on the whiteboard or on- Neuland.com
neuland  marker  whiteboard  black 
20 days ago by lgtout
Refill Ink RefillOne, Whiteboard, Single Colours | Refill Inks | Markers & More | Product range | USA
It only takes seconds to refill the unique and simple to use whiteboard ink and it will save you money by refilling the Neuland No.One®- Neuland.com
refill  neuland  ink  marker  whiteboard 
20 days ago by lgtout
Real-time whiteboard and collaboration tools for distributed teams
collaboration  design  ux  tool  whiteboard  remote 
4 weeks ago by awirtanen
MURAL - Make remote design work Online brainstorming, synthesis and collaboration
T has used this app at work to create a timeline so that coworkers can stay in sync
whiteboard  collaboration  app  timeline 
4 weeks ago by brianr
OpenBoard, das beste Interaktives Whiteboard für Schulen und Universitäten
freie software für smartboards
(geht das mit proprietärer hardware? muss wohl)
openboard  whiteboard  digilern:technik 
4 weeks ago by MicrowebOrg

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