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This Person Does Not Exist
Human face generation service using Generative Adversarial Network.
2019  artificial-intelligence  weird 
2 hours ago by bignose
This Person Does Not Exist Is the Best One-Off Website of 2019 | Inverse
At a glance, the images featured on the website This Person Does Not Exist might seem like random school portraits or LinkedIn headshots. But every single photo on the site has been created by using a special kind of artificial intelligence algorithm called generative adversarial networks (GANs).
gan  generative.adversarial.networks  machine.learning  stylegan  weird  fail  face.generator 
yesterday by po
We Need to Talk About Dr. Seuss’ Weird Ass Taxidermy Creatures
The point being, Dr. Seuss is a treasure, and nothing he could do would make us say otherwise. You could tell us he lived a second life killing farmhands in rural Nebraska, where he was known as “The Scarecrow Killer” and we’d be like, “Well, let’s just say he had a complicated legacy, but he probably did more good than bad.” So with that in mind, we’re going to talk to you about his “collection of unorthodox taxidermy”
weird  art  taxidermy  Seuss 
2 days ago by emkay
Witch House Media
Subscription Hub of The H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast
podcast  lovecraft  literature  weird  horror 
7 days ago by feeder_goldfish

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