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I upvoted on Product Hunt: Earn money for testing websites, right from your couch.
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2 days ago by glitchwitch
Free Website Feedback collaboration | Visual Inspector Studio
Introducing Visual Inspector Studio. Enable Google-Docs-Like-Website-Colaboration for 10x faster web development and save upto $4,000 every month.
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7 days ago by sampl
Being "healthy" applies to a code. Fix your today! Thanks, !
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16 days ago by jhill5
Static CMS for Hugo & Jekyll |
A content management system for static sites built with Hugo and Jekyll. Get the speed, security, and reliability of static and the power of a Headless CMS. /
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18 days ago by devnulled
Introduction to Content Modelling
It is about exploring and defining howcontent can be chunked and linked up toadd value to customers and businesses
content  strategy  modelling  chunks  CTD  definitions  chunked  websites  IA  architecture  design  UX 
19 days ago by LizFlyntz
Content Types: The Building Blocks of Your Content Model
Content Item A is a page of text.<br />Content Item B is an Executive Profile.<br />Content Item C is a Press Release
content  type  CTD  modelling  strategy  websites  design  IA 
19 days ago by LizFlyntz

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