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Designing with difficult data
Regardless of your choice in tools, you’re probably going to end up with some placeholder data. Well, it does matter. The [data] you start with will subtly influence your approach to layout and style.
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yesterday by badlydrawnrob
[no title]
Offshore alert (lots of posts about LFC)
Websites  LFC 
4 days ago by morgen
Unite 2
Turn websites into Mac applications.
application  osx  websites 
6 days ago by cmagnuson
Blue Template
A free HTML landing page for startups
websites  templates 
9 days ago by mycotn
Largest List of Internet Marketing Tools (All 5500+ Tools Ranked)
Super-extensive (5500+) listing of social media tools, gives free and pay ones and brief descriptions.
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11 days ago by jeromekatz
Technology has been playing an important role in new wave of protest, from Arab Spring to Occupy Central. These technologies can be divided up into two categories: Those used by the authorities (long range acoustic devices, water cannons, active denial systems, stingrays, etc) and those used by protestors (social networks and DIY protection gear).
riot  gear  art  websites  wearable  technology 
14 days ago by sunil

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