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Alternatives to Google Products (Complete List) | Restore Privacy
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9 days ago by hail2u
BBC Genome
BBC programme historic search through the years
9 days ago by cerulean
The Clean Architecture | 8th Light
The diagram at the top of this article is an attempt at integrating all these architectures into a single actionable idea. The Dependency Rule. The concentric circles represent different areas of software. In general, the further in you go, the higher level the software becomes. The outer circles are mechanisms. The inner circles are policies. The overriding rule that makes this architecture work is The Dependency Rule. This rule says that source code dependencies can only point inwards. Nothing in an inner circle can know anything at all about something in an outer circle. In particular, the name of something declared in an outer circle must not be mentioned by the code in an inner circle. That includes, functions, classes. variables, or any other named software entity. By the same token, data formats used in an outer circle should not be used by an inner circle, especially if those formats are generate by a framework in an outer circle. We don’t want anything in an outer circle to impact the inner circles.
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11 days ago by dlkinney
PubNub: Making Realtime Innovation Simple | PubNub
Realtime. Real Simple. Focus on innovation and launch fast with our realtime APIs and global messaging infrastructure. Chat. Build powerful and feature-rich realtime chat apps, powered by flexible APIs and a global messaging infrastructure. Cross-device and cross-platform means they work across web, iOS, Android, and the rest. IoT Device Control. Securely monitor, control, provision and stream data between smart devices, sensor networks, hubs, and more. Trigger device action, monitor meta data, or stream and process incoming and outgoing data. PubNub provides the infrastructure and APIs for communication for any size IoT deployment. Realtime Updates. Keep everyone, and every device realtime. From mapping, geotracking and dispatch, to broadcasting push notifications and up-to-the-millisecond alerts, when something happens in the real world, it's reflected in your app.
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21 days ago by dlkinney
AI Experiments: Move Mirror
Googleは、ユーザの姿勢をWebカメラで捉え、似た姿勢の画像をデータセットから探索しリアルタイムに表示する「Move Mirror」を発表しました。
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5 weeks ago by unknownlabel

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