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Love that Frederic from was able to join and talk about the state of and the web in general! :) Tha…
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5 days ago by briantrice
Goodbye, EdgeHTML
Forceful essay on the value of browser diversity
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9 days ago by nelson
ARKit - AR Quick Look Gallery - Apple Developer
With iOS 12, you can place 3D objects in the real world using AR Quick Look, powered by ARKit 2. Tap any of the 3D models below on a device running iOS 12 to view the object and place it in AR. Or click a model on Mac to download the usdz file.
ar  apple  ios  usdz  webkit 
6 weeks ago by siggiarni
Min | A smarter, faster web browser
Wait, this minimal browser users electron under the hood, which is basically chromium, which is basically webkit...
minimal  GUI  browser  electron  chromium  opensource  software  webkit  web 
7 weeks ago by asteroza
safe-area-inset values on iOS11 - QuirksBlog
It turns out that safe-area-inset is 0 on iOS11 devices that are not the iPhone X. This may sound logical, but I wonder if it is. Also, the value remains static, even when you zoom in.
iOs  safari  webkit  css_safe-area-inset  css 
10 weeks ago by siggiarni
Custom Webkit ScrollBars
Simple way to customize scrollbars.
scroll  webkit  Web_Design 
september 2018 by vancura
GitHub - mceSystems/node-jsc: A node.js port to the JavaScriptCore engine and iOS
node-jsc enables node.js to use JavaScriptCore, WebKit's javascript engine, allowing node.js to run on iOS devices (and other platforms supported by node.js and JavaScriptCore). While node-jsc was successully tested on iOS (has already managed to succesfully run a test express.js project with websockets), it is a very early work in progress, and is far from being ready for production use.

Currently based on node v8.11.1, with slightly newer npm version, but will be updated to a more recent version of node.

A separate project, node-native-script native extension, allows javascript code running in node-jsc to directly call iOS platform APIs.
node.js  iOS  WebKit  JavaScriptCore 
september 2018 by euler
Improving Color on the Web
WebKit Blog:
> The next revolutionary improvement in displays is happening now: better color reproduction. Here I’ll explain what that means, and how you, the Web developer, can detect such displays and provide a better experience for your users.
WebKit  Web  Colour  Picture  Photography 
august 2018 by loudclr

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