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CSS3 Generator | CSS3を生成するGenerator(ジェネレーター)です。
Complete generator of CSS3 code for shadows, photo tints, transforms and other effects.
css3  webdevelopment  webdesign 
4 days ago by betobeto
Use Cases For Flexbox
"In this final article of the series, we wrap up by taking a look at some of the common uses for Flexbox. What should we use Flexbox for, and what it is not so good at?"
css  flexbox  grid  layout  webdesign  webdevelopment 
4 days ago by garrettc
Web Architecture 101 – VideoBlocks Product & Engineering
The basic architecture concepts I wish I knew when I was getting started as a web developer
architecture  webdevelopment 
4 days ago by raygrasso
Accessibility Cheatsheet
Practical approaches to Universal Design for making your website/webapp accessible to everyone
accessibility  cheatsheet  reference  webdesign  webdevelopment  bestpractice 
5 days ago by garrettc
Valid CSS Content
"There is a content property in CSS that's made to use in tandem with the ::before and ::after pseudo elements. It injects content into the element."
css  content  webdevelopment  tips 
5 days ago by garrettc
Inside look at modern web browser (part 1)
Learn how browser turn your code into functional website from high-level architecture to the specifics of the rendering pipeline.
architecture  browser  chrome  webdevelopment  worldwideweb 
5 days ago by garrettc
Firefox Dev can’t establish a connection to local server
Here's a solution to disable HSTS:

1) about:config
2) Right-click: New Integer
3) Name: test.currentTimeOffsetSeconds
4) Value: 11491200
5) Clear all history > Time range: everything
webdevelopment  web 
7 days ago by dusko
Laragon - portable, isolated, fast & powerful universal development environment for PHP, Node.js, Python, Java, Go, Ruby.
Laragon is the best - and fastest - local server by far!

"This is the best web server software. I've abandoned xampp. Laragon is very easy to use (switching PHP versions etc), light weight and the most important part is, I love the auto create virtual hosts feature and cmder. Thanks for providing this superb tool!" -amirolzolkifli

"Developing with Laragon is just awesome ;) You don't need Docker anymore." -SnakeM
webdevelopment  devops  sysadmin 
7 days ago by dusko

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