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Host | Provider of Student Accommodation in the UK
We provide award winning accommodation for students across the UK. All our rooms are fully furnished ensuites, with all bills included and no hidden costs!
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7 hours ago by bramchi
CSS is Not Broken
I find it ironic that developers who bemoan the “global” nature of CSS are usually the ones who run into specificity problems because they unnecessarily scope their styles to particular parts of a particular page. When you have selectors like #directory .sorted .sidebar :nth-child(2) button, your problem isn’t that CSS is global. Your CSS isn’t global enough!
css  webdesign  programming  webdev 
8 hours ago by dirtystylus
Data Center, Colocation and Interconnection Solutions | Digital Realty
Digital Realty is the world's largest full scale data center provider offering colocation, wholesale deployments, interconnection and cloud services with 150+ data centers globally.
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8 hours ago by bramchi
Building a Tic-Tac-Toe Game with Vue 2: Part 1 | Scotch
This tutorial assumes that you have a little prior knowledge of JavaScript and the Vue framework. You also need to have Node and...
webdesign  webdev  javascript  vuejs  framework  tutorial 
9 hours ago by schroeda

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