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Online service for analysing a and improving writing. A kinda plain English thing.
writing  tools  webapp  language  plainenglish 
2 days ago by davidgalletly
hashrocket/tilex: Today I Learned in Elixir
creates a "today i learned" site with support for code examples (i think it's primarily for that)
webapp  opensource  elixir 
3 days ago by masukomi
Free and Open Source Web Builder Framework
Next generation tool for building templates without coding
webapp  js  javascript  webdev  framework  builder 
4 days ago by wjy
A Soft Murmur
Ambient sound generator.
audio  work  sound  webapp 
5 days ago by cmagnuson
Bypassing CSRF tokens with Python's CGIHTTPServer | Pure Hacking
There are ways to configure Burp using macros to bypass CSRF tokens on HTML forms, so we can use Burp Active Scans, Burp Intruder, Burp Repeater, and (cautiously) even Burp Proxy. There's also Grep-Extract and pitchfork attack type specifically for Intruder. And, you might even develop your Burp Extension to do it. Sqlmap has a --csrf-token and a --csrf-url for the same purpose, or you can just configure Burp as previously stated, and run sqlmap through Burp using --proxy.

Now, here's another way, using CGIHTTPServer from python.
bugbounty  pentest  webapp  csrf 
5 days ago by whip_lash
TimestampConvert.com - Convert a date from / to a timestamp online
Convert between normal date and UNIX ten-digit date - 2018-09-17
utilities  webapp  oxwall 
5 days ago by wellsa
Applicationize - Applicationizer
webapp  chrome  generator  tool 
6 days ago by exon
Your favourite websites to desktop apps in one click. Web2Desk by appmaker.xyz -
Your Favorite 🌎 websites to 🖥 desktop apps in 1️⃣ one click
app  webapp  generator  tool 
6 days ago by exon
Type Racer
if you need a WPM test, or just want to see how fast you are against the whole internet.
typing  webapp  tools 
8 days ago by mechazoidal
Simple, free, fully responsive one-page sites for pretty much anything
design  webapp  websites 
8 days ago by cmagnuson

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