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Xero - Law Firm Accounting Software
Includes trust accounting - $30/mo. - auto-imports transactions from banks - 2018-07-19
accounting  legal  webapp  cloud  5star 
14 hours ago by wellsa
Trust Accounting Made Easy | Trust Accounting Software
$39/mo. or $129/mo. with human reconciliation - just trust accounts - 2018-07-19
accounting  legal  webapp  cloud 
14 hours ago by wellsa
Attorney Trust Accounting Software
$9.97/mo. annual, $19.94/mo. - just trust accounting
accounting  legal  webapp 
14 hours ago by wellsa
How can i get default font size in pixels by using JavaScript or JQuery? - Stack Overflow
function getDefaultFontSize(pa){
pa= pa || document.body;
var who= document.createElement('div');

who.style.cssText='display:inline-block; padding:0; line-height:1; position:absolute; visibility:hidden; font-size:1em';

var fs= [who.offsetWidth, who.offsetHeight];
return fs;
javascript  testing  web  webapp  webdesign 
yesterday by catichenor
cssgr.id | An interactive CSS Grid code tool and generator
Cssgr.id is an interactive tool to generate boilerplate code for CSS Grid layouts.
cssGrid  generator  webapp 
2 days ago by obear
Home | Openbook social network
Openbook is an new, privacy-friendly, open-source and awesome social network giving 30% of it's revenue towards making the world a better place, now and forever.
opensource  socialnetworking  webapp  openbook 
2 days ago by wjy

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