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Daring Fireball: The Great DF Random Slowdown Should Be Over
This week, DF has seemed incredibly slow for some people, sometimes. Here’s a Twitter search for tweets to me with the word “slow” this week. This was killing me, because I pride myself on Daring Fireball being a fast-loading website, and because this was a pretty big week content-wise.
It was not my server, and had nothing to do with higher levels of traffic from my iPhone XS and Series 4 Apple Watch reviews. When DF itself is slow — which happens rarely but does happen — you almost always see DF’s trademark #4a525a slate gray background first, then the elements of the page slowly fill in. If you experienced slowness this week, you probably just saw a white background in your browser tab, and then all of a sudden the whole thing filled in. This sometimes took 30-60 seconds. Long story short, it was taking that long for the initial request to even get to my server; once it did, everything after that was as fast as usual. I’m still not sure what exactly was causing this, but I’ve worked around it by having Cloudflare act as an HTTP/S proxy for daringfireball.net. If any of you continue to see slow page loads, let me know.
daring_fireball  web2.0  performance  DNS  safari  HTTP/S 
4 hours ago by rgl7194
The Bullshit Web — Pixel Envy
My home computer in 1998 had a 56K modem connected to our telephone line; we were allowed a maximum of thirty minutes of computer usage a day, because my parents — quite reasonably — did not want to have their telephone shut off for an evening at a time. I remember webpages loading slowly: ten to twenty seconds for a basic news article.
At the time, a few of my friends were getting cable internet. It was remarkable seeing the same pages load in just a few seconds, and I remember thinking about the kinds of the possibilities that would open up as the web kept getting faster.
And faster it got, of course. When I moved into my own apartment several years ago, I got to pick my plan and chose a massive fifty megabit per second broadband connection, which I have since upgraded.
advertising  web2.0  web-design  web-dev  tracking  javascript  performance 
7 weeks ago by rgl7194
Senator Asks US Government to Remove Flash From Federal Sites, Computers
In a letter sent today, Oregon Senator Ron Wyden asked officials from three government agencies to come up with solutions and procedures that mandate the removal of Adobe Flash content from all US government websites by August 1, 2019.
The Senator is urging US government officials to act in light of Adobe's Flash end-of-life date scheduled for the end of 2020, after which Adobe announced it would cease to provide any technical support for the software.
flash  congress  security  privacy  web2.0  gov2.0 
8 weeks ago by rgl7194
Read Ruler
View your Pocket articles listed by reading time and automatically add reading time tags to your Pocket articles.
Via-IFTTT  apps  productivity  reading  pocket  tools  web2.0  automation  via-pinboard  via-Diigo 
10 weeks ago by evansthompson
Read Ruler
View your Pocket articles listed by reading time and automatically add reading time tags to your Pocket articles.
apps  productivity  reading  pocket  tools  web2.0  automation  via-pinboard 
10 weeks ago by evansthompson
Things that happen in Silicon Valley and also the Soviet Union
Things that happen in Silicon Valley and also the Soviet Union: - waiting years to receive a car you ordered, to find that it's of poor workmanship and quality - promises of colonizing the solar system while you toil in drudgery day in, day out

- living five adults to a two room apartment - being told you are constructing utopia while the system crumbles around you

- 'totally not illegal taxi' taxis by private citizens moonlighting to make ends meet - everything slaved to the needs of the military-industrial complex
fun  meme  USA  Web2.0  technology 
10 weeks ago by ondrejr
Itty Bitty
The site is in the URL!
cool  interesting  web2.0 
11 weeks ago by Fitch

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