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Thinkific - The Most Trusted Online Course Platform For Your Business
Create online courses with Thinkific today and feel confident that you’ve got the easiest technology and the best support in the industry.
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4 days ago by nharbour
iOS 12: Five Secret Features Apple NEVER announced! - YouTube
iOS 12: Five Secret Features Apple NEVER announced! via Pocket
IFTTT  Pocket  inoreader  it-news  (faved)  web2.0  read 
10 days ago by moritzwade
Daring Fireball: Tracking Scripts Make The Verge 6 Times Slower
Marcel Freinbichler, from the same thread on Twitter:
The Verge shows a tracking-consent message when visiting the site from the EU. Most people will click “I Accept” to make it go away, but if you don’t and hide the message via CSS, you won’t be tracked and the site is way faster:
32 vs 5 secs load time
61 vs 2 JS files
2 vs 1 MB
browser  web2.0  scripts  tracking  performance  daring_fireball  advertising  javascript 
20 days ago by rgl7194
Sales CRM & Pipeline Management Software | Pipedrive
Pipedrive is a CRM & pipeline management tool that helps you focus on actions that matter. By sales pros, for sales pros. Grow your business now with Pipedrive.
crm  saas  web2.0 
4 weeks ago by nharbour
oEmbed - CodePen Blog
How It Works
The oEmbed spec is pretty simple really. You create an endpoint on your site that accepts one URL parameter: another URL.

In our case, it's like this:

If that Pen is a valid Pen URL, it will return a JSON response, like:

success: true,
type: "rich",
version: "1.0",
provider_name: "CodePen",
provider_url: "http://codepen.io",
title: "Polygon hypnotism",
author_name: "Luiz Otávio Carvalho",
author_url: "http://codepen.io/superoak/",
height: "300",
width: "320",
thumbnail_width: "384",
thumbnail_height: "225",
thumbnail_url: "https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/m.cdpn.io/screenshot-coming-soon-small.png",
html: "<iframe id="cp_embed_dPrEvP" class="cp_embed_iframe" style="width: 100%; overflow: hidden;" src="https://codepen.io/superoak/embed/preview/dPrEvP?height=300&slug-hash=dPrEvP&default-tab=result&host=http%3A%2F%2Fcodepen.io" width="300" height="300" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>"
We return a "rich" content type, meaning supporting sites should use the HTML we return to display the content. That HTML, in our case, is an HTTPS <iframe> with the Embedded Pen. This is a bit different than our regular Embed code, which is a <script> that replaces a <div> with the <iframe>. What is cool about that is that the fallback content is still useful. Meaning if the site's content is read through RSS or JavaScript is disabled/broken or something, there is still meaningful content and links in there.

Sites that support oEmbed will take that HTML we return and drop it onto the page.

oembed  JavaScript  web2.0 
5 weeks ago by cnk
Embed www.caltech.edu Responsively - Iframely
Service that creates embed code for sites that do not support oEmbed endpoints of their own. This example creates embed for a news story from Caltech
oembed  JavaScript  web2.0 
5 weeks ago by cnk
How to use Laravel with Socket.IO
Websockets are cool. They are really helpful if you want to show real time activities from your users (or perhaps some queue jobs). Now, if you are afraid of the word “Websockets”, don’t be. I will…
WebDeveloper  webdev  developer  web  web2.0  laravel 
5 weeks ago by wun
Authenticity Wins
Put user generated content in your Web 2.0 hustling mix:

“The study also highlights other social media nuances that might be easy to overlook. While posts featuring user-generated content deliver a higher lift than traditional brand posts, the research makes clear that filling your feed with UGC images isn’t always the way to go. Luxury beauty brands see a 23% engagement lift from UGC, yet auto brands see a more modest 3% increase. This could be a matter of frequency, as luxury brands feature user-generated content in only 2% of posts, while auto companies include it in a fifth of content.”
advertising  luxery  web2.0  gartner  marketing  studies 
7 weeks ago by cote
What Is Web 2.0 - O'Reilly Media
Another way to look at it is that the successful companies all give up something expensive but considered critical to get something valuable for free that was once expensive. For example, Wikipedia gives up central editorial control in return for speed and breadth. Napster gave up on the idea of "the catalog" (all the songs the vendor was selling) and got breadth. Amazon gave up on the idea of having a physical storefront but got to serve the entire world.
web2.0  strategy 
7 weeks ago by edsonm
European privacy regulations predicted to damage digital advertising revenue
“Citi cites forecasts that ePrivacy could trigger a 70% reduction in European display ad revenue, and a 33% cut in digital ad budgets, either of which could eviscerate Facebook and Google, at least under their current business model.”

The narrative that these are “tech companies,” at at least that these are the only tech companies, still drives me crazy. For example, are IBM, Microsoft, and Oracle in that bucket. Aside from advertising at Bing, clearly not. So called “tech companies” in this discussion should be called “advertising companies.”
studies  eprivacy  regulations  GDPR  advertising  predictions  web2.0 
7 weeks ago by cote

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