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Exclusive poll: America sours on social media giants
> About 40% of Americans still feel that social media is a net positive for society. Overall, 65% of people say smartphones have made their quality of life better.

And people are concerned about misinformation in THE SOCIAL.
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19 days ago by cote
Decentralisation: the next big step for the world wide web | Technology | The Guardian
First, it is technically more difficult to build a decentralised web because everything isn’t in one place. Then there’s getting people to use it. “Right now humanity lives at Facebook,” says Mitchell Baker, chairwoman of the Mozilla Foundation. A killer app, a thing that everyone wants, could help here – but there isn’t one yet. Though that is neither surprising nor a failure given how early it still is, adds Baker. Many of the apps that do exist are clunky and difficult to use; user experience needs to improve.

The DWeb movement also needs to focus on its true advantages – the things centralised systems can’t do, says Juan Benet, founder of Protocol Labs. And one of those is speed. Because of the way the DWeb works differently from the current web, it should intrinsically be faster, but there is a long way to go on that, he says.

There are also big issues about governance that need to be ironed out, says Primavera De Filippi, who studies the legal and organisational challenges of decentralised technologies at the National Centre for Scientific Research in Paris and the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University. How does the decentralised web all come together when no one is in charge? And how do you make sure things don’t just become centralised again, the system repeating itself, particularly when there are companies that want to make money?

How big online companies push back also remains to be seen. “There are going to be a lot of forces for the status quo,” says Kahle. The DWeb is new and burgeoning, but it also isn’t inevitable.
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5 weeks ago by msszczep
Decentralized Web Summit 2018: Global Visions / Working Code
The Internet Archive's Decentralized Web Summit is dedicated to creating the web we want [and the web we deserve]. We are convening those who want to build a web that...

Remembers. Forgets. That’s safe. That cares about people. That’s a marketplace. That’s a public square. That learns. That’s magical. That’s fun. A web with many winners. A web that’s locked open for good.
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5 weeks ago by msszczep
The Pixel 3: Everything You Need To Know About Google’s New Phone
The Pixel 3: Everything You Need To Know About Google’s New Phone via Pocket
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7 weeks ago by moritzwade
Kirkville - Words Matter: Why Companies Need to Be Very Careful What They Say on Social Media
A few days ago, I discovered a security flaw at the company that hosts my website. I reported this to the company, NameCheap, and to a security researcher I know, Graham Cluley. Graham, in turn, shared this information on twitter, and on his podcast Smashing Security.
One thing that irked Graham – and me – was the way that NameCheap’s representative on Twitter used the term “teeny tiny” on Twitter to describe the extent of this vulnerability’s exploitation. And they also suggested, on Twitter, that it shouldn’t be discussed publicly:
This is despite the fact that the information I published did not in any way explain how this vulnerability could be exploited, but merely described its result. (NameCheap later provided a detailed explanation.)
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7 weeks ago by rgl7194
No More Google
alternative web services: browsers, search, passwords, analytics, mail, docs, sheets, images, video, maps, auth., blog, dns, storage, finance, flights, hangouts, translate, weather
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9 weeks ago by Fitch
Jon M. Chu Shot This Short Film Entirely on an iPhone XS Max | WIRED
Jon M. Chu Shot This Short Film Entirely on an iPhone XS Max via Pocket
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10 weeks ago by moritzwade

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