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Do wearable healthcare devices work? - Big Data, Plainly Spoken (aka Numbers Rule Your World)
This means that two-thirds got false alarms. But if we include the 70% who were not sent patches after the video consultation as false alarms as well, then out of every 100 warnings, only 7 were validated.
statistics  bayesian  wearables  apple 
2 days ago by yorksranter
Fitbit Announces Accessible, Affordable Versa Lite, Inspire, Ace 2 Wearables
Fitbit has announced the availability of a line of new products, intended to increase accessibility and affordability to a larger audience. The new Fitbit Versa Lite Edition, Inspire and Inspire HR trackers, and the upcoming Fitbit Ace 2 wearables offer a greater range of options for users. As one of the world’s leading manufacturer of...

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Fitbit  Announces  Accessible  Affordable  Versa  Lite  Inspire  Ace  2  Wearables 
2 days ago by vrzone
Loomia: soft flexible circuitry for an enchangted world
We design and manufacture soft, flexible circuitry that can heat, light, sense and track data, while seamlessly integrating into soft goods. The LOOMIA Electronic Layer (LEL) is a soft flexible circuit that can be embedded into textiles for heating, lighting, sensing or data-tracking applications.
loomia  wearables  circuits  flexible  soft 
15 days ago by cyberchucktx
How Edge Computing Will Deliver on the Promise of 5G
"That’s because it’s not meant for us. Like most technological advancements, industry will come first. The promise of 5G is in swarms of drones and fleets of autonomous vehicles. It’s in lightweight industrial wearables that process crucial information rapidly. It’s in robots. And, yes, it’s in the augmented reality game we’ve all been waiting for, “Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.”

This promise of 5G will be most likely delivered on the edge, taking it from conference marketing to real-world feasibility. In fact, 4G can already deliver a 5G-like experience with edge computing."
That’s  because  it’s  not  meant  for  us.  Like  most  technological  advancements  industry  will  come  first.  The  promise  of  5G  is  in  swarms  drones  and  fleets  autonomous  vehicles.  lightweight  industrial  wearables  that  process  crucial  information  rapidly.  robots.  yes  augmented  reality  game  we’ve  all  been  waiting  “Harry  Potter:  Wizards  Unite.”  This  be  likely  delivered  on  edge  taking  it  from  conference  marketing  to  real-world  feasibility.  fact  4G  can  already  deliver  a  5G-like  experience  with  computing.edge  iot  events 
15 days ago by jonerp
Steampunk Cameo Necklace with OLED Display @Adafruit Learning System
This necklace uses an Adafruit Pro Trinket and an OLED screen to flash bitmaps of you and your loved one in between hearts. A tiny LiPoly battery powers the pendant discreetly in the black ribbon. Warning: Dog and cat pics may attract werewolves.
wearable  oled  lcd  adafruit  wearables  jewelry 
26 days ago by cyberchucktx
EGG Traveler World’s 1st Multipurpose PowerStrip | Indiegogo
I upvoted EGG Traveler on Product Hunt: Innovative powerstrip with power bank and wireless charging https://ift.tt/2GxXe2E
Product  Hunt  Travel  Wearables  Tech 
28 days ago by guygilbert

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