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Tap wearable keyboard is a fidgeter’s dream
What sets Tap apart, however, is that unlike most chording keyboards – which are designed to be gripped in the hand, or have the hand rest atop them – the wireless peripheral wraps around the fingers instead.
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48 minutes ago by seaugust
Apple reportedly plans AirPods with Hey Siri, water resistance, and new chip
Apple does not break out sales of AirPods in its lineup, but the wireless earphones are generally believed to be popular. The product was extremely difficult to get in the months following its December 2016 release, in part due to initial production constraints, and has been included in Apple’s growing Wearables category alongside the Apple Watch.
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1 hour ago by seaugust
Get Alexa in Your Ears With PRO Voice Headphones From 66 Audio
Another innovation is a custom 3DRF antenna. Combined with Bluetooth 4.2, it offers a range of up to 125 feet. During my time testing the headphones, I managed about 60 feet before the connection got dicey, but there are all sorts of factors that can influence wireless transmission and the area around my house is a hotbed of connected devices and other potential interference sources. PRO Voice still managed to double the distance I typically see with Bluetooth headphones (and speakers).
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1 hour ago by seaugust
Fitbit pushes into employee health care and coaching with Twine Health acquisition
Global wearables juggernaut Fitbit has announced plans to acquire Twine Health, a health coaching platform aimed at helping employers manage chronic disease in the workforce. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.
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6 days ago by seaugust
Home - OliLight - Your trusty companion!
Wearable LED lamp belt is kinda nice, not sure you really need the other safety features though...
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8 days ago by asteroza
Vaunt smart glasses: The 5 Glasshole lessons Intel learned
With Vaunt, then, Intel has an uphill battle, but at least it has apparently learned the expensive lessons from Google before it. We’ll know more when developer Vaunt glasses go on sale later in 2018.
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13 days ago by seaugust
Canalys: Apple shipped 18 million Watches in 2017, up 54% over 2016
After a rough launch, the Apple Watch is officially in growth mode, as Canalys reports today that sales of the wearable exceeded 18 million units in 2017 — a jump of over 54 percent from 2016. The latest version of Apple’s increasingly popular wearable shipped over 9 million units during the holiday quarter, which Canalys notes is “the highest ever number of shipments in a single quarter, not just for Apple, but for any wearable vendor.”
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13 days ago by seaugust
Embrace Watch smartband gets FDA approval for detecting seizures
Empatica has announced that its Embrace smartband, which was first introduced in 2014, has been approved by the FDA as a medical device. The smartband is able to detect seizures, among other things, sending alerts to caregivers so that rapid support can be provided. The FDA has very strict requirements for a gadget to get a medical device designation, but Embrace has managed to satisfy them.
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13 days ago by seaugust
The Apple Watch can detect diabetes with an 85% accuracy, Cardiogram study says
So what’s next? Ballinger and his cohort on the study Johnson Hsieh mentioned they could be looking at a number of diseases to detect through heart sensors, possibly even gestational diabetes. Hsieh also cautions that those tested were already known to have diabetes or pre-diabetes and that anyone who thinks they might have it should go to their doctor, not just rely on the Watch to tell them what’s going on.
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13 days ago by seaugust
Xiaomi’s wearable device partner Huami raises $110M in NYSE IPO
Three-year-old Huami is best known for producing budget Mi Band fitness trackers that are sold via Xiaomi. It is perhaps the best example of Xiaomi’s smart device platform, which sees Xiaomi work in partnership with device makers to produce and sell hardware using the Xiaomi brand and its Mi.com store.
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13 days ago by seaugust
Intel’s new Vaunt smart glasses actually look good @ The Verge
From the outside, the Vaunt glasses look just like eyeglasses. When you’re wearing them, you see a stream of information on what looks like a screen — but it’s actually being projected onto your retina. We live in a world where our watches have LTE and our phones can turn our faces into bouncing cartoon characters in real time. You’d expect a successful pair of smart glasses to provide similar wonders. Every gadget these days has more, more, more. With Vaunt, Intel is betting on less.
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17 days ago by cyberchucktx
Amazon wristband patent details tracker for warehouse employees
This system would enable managers to keep an eye on whether a worker is interacting with the bins they’re assigned to and their performance level. The patent merely presents the technology, not shedding light on whether Amazon is actively developing such a system nor whether it has plans to use it with its own employees.
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20 days ago by seaugust
Prevent Biometrics - Concussion Intelligence
revent’s patented technology was developed at Cleveland Clinic by top neurosurgeons and engineers over a period of 6 years with grants from the National Institute of Health and others, and is the only head impact monitor who’s accuracy has been validated in an IRB approved study published in the top peer reviewed Stapp Journal.
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20 days ago by cyberchucktx
Heartisans - Cuff-less Blood Pressure Watch
With the Heartisans Watch, measure blood pressure and stay on top of your heart health.
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21 days ago by cyberchucktx

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