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To Make a Better World by timunderwood9 (PG-13)
He had Tom Riddle's memories, and he vowed to undo the damage that creature had done and build a better world.

Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,196 - Reviews: 24 - Favs: 84 - Follows: 28 - Published: Aug 26, 2014 - Harry P., Tom R. Jr. - Complete
fanfiction  fandom:Harry_Potter  drama  character_study  possessed  gen  author:timunderwood9  rating:pg-13  wc:001001-005000 
november 2018 by jenna_marianne
Love potions and their consequences by SingularOddities (PG)
What if Harry had been dosed with love potions? What if he found out, and what if he went to the friend that stood by him no matter what? The friend that would do anything to help their friend.

Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Friendship - Harry P., Hermione G. - Words: 1,933 - Reviews: 94 - Favs: 183 - Follows: 168 - Published: Aug 24, 2017 - Status: Complete - id: 12627168
fanfiction  fandom:Harry_Potter  drama  angst  love_spell  author:SingularOddities  rating:pg  wc:001001-005000 
november 2018 by jenna_marianne
Constant Correspondent by SingularOddities (PG-13)
Hermione and Viktor never stopped writing to each other. After the war they reunite and start rebuilding their lives together. A one shot story EWE. Hermione/Viktor Krum

Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance - [Hermione G., Viktor K.] - Words: 3,198 - Reviews: 70 - Favs: 284 - Follows: 50 - Published: Mar 11, 2016 - Status: Complete - id: 11834994
fanfiction  fandom:Harry_Potter  drama  futurefic  author:SingularOddities  rating:pg-13  wc:001001-005000 
november 2018 by jenna_marianne
Here's To Family by malcontent (Whispering_Sumire) (PG-13)
Stiles uses magic to pull the whole Hale pack from the fire before they die. Talia and the pack reconcile with Derek and Peter with Stiles' help. It's left open-ended. (listed as abandoned WIP, 2,883 words)
Talia smiles at him, because it's obvious, despite how young he is, that he's the one responsible for their survival. Their lungs are still clogged with smoke so she can't catch his scent, but she's sure he smells of magic.

"Do you know who I am, little Mage?"

"Jesus Christ. Yes. You're the one responsible for the giant ball of traumatized man-pain with abandonment issues who is going to kill me. And if he doesn't do it, God knows Peter will. And then he'll say something smarmy that's 18% sexy and 100% percent psychopathic serial killer, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. Do you think Cora was being serious when she said it would be easy for her to rip out my intestines and strangle me with them? No. You know what? Never mind, don't answer that. I don't actually want to know," The boy comes to a halt in front of her, rambling tongue finally managing to still.

"Hello, hi—Talia, right? Talia Hale? Mother of the legendary Sourwolf! Hahaha! Ha. Heh, right, okay."

"Yes," she agrees, feeling dazed, "I'm Talia. My son... traumatized?" She clears her throat uncomfortably, decides to try for steadier ground. "He wouldn't—no one in my Pack would kill you, child, you've just saved all our lives."
fanfiction  fandom:Teen_Wolf  drama  timetravel  magic!Stiles  gen  author:Whispering_Sumire  rating:pg-13  wc:001001-005000 
november 2018 by jenna_marianne
Butterfly Wings by PhantomEngineer (PG-13)
Series of one shots set after Severus dies in the werewolf prank. First four are about Lily, in chronological order. (3,822 in 4 parts, WIP)

Part 1 "With Hindsight": After the werewolf incident, Lily reflects on the state of her friendship with Severus and the complications of feelings, as well as her place in the world and her relationship with her sister. (902 words)
Part 2 "With Insight": The summer after the werewolf incident, Lily finally spends some time in Petunia's company. Petunia may never have liked Severus, but at least she understands that her sister is grieving. (959 words)
Part 3 "With Foresight": After Severus's death, Lily and Petunia go to visit his parents, just briefly. (913 words)
Part 4 "With Oversight": After Hogwarts Lily finds a life for herself. It may not be perfect, but it's hers and it'll do. (1,048 words)
fanfiction  fandom:Harry_Potter  drama  angst  grief  Pairing:Severus/Lily  author:PhantomEngineer  rating:pg-13  wc:001001-005000 
september 2018 by jenna_marianne
(you) build your walls too high by TheTartWitch (PG-13)
After sending his Patronus to Lily with a message about Pettigrew, he doesn’t stick around. He’s seen what happens to traitors of the Dark Lord; he has no desire to grace the man’s dungeons or be given to Bellatrix. He flees to the most forbidding magical forest in Europe, makes a bargain with the locals centaur herd and carves out a home near a river to grow his herbs and avoid any wizards or witches searching for him. (2,288 words)

Author's tags: Brave brave sir severus who bravely ran away, I Had To, Good!Severus, little kid!Harry, Dumbledore Bashing, Lily and James kill Voldemort, Dumbledore kidnaps Harry, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD, Severus is that one guy in the woods in the hut, Severus Runs Away, The Potters Live, Harry's Patronus is Severus Snape, Eat that Marauders, Canon Divergence, Sev names his Angili Snapdragon "Lily", Disney Princess!Severus
fanfiction  fandom:Harry_Potter  drama  severitus  gen  author:TheTartWitch  rating:pg-13  wc:001001-005000 
september 2018 by jenna_marianne
back to work by TheTartWitch (PG-13)
The day the Minister is killed, Percy is filling out paperwork at his desk.
The day Voldemort dies, Percy has successfully retained his life and his job. Unfortunately, his ability to trust anyone ever again and his family count among the things he's lost. (3,097 words)
fanfiction  fandom:Harry_Potter  drama  character_study  gen  author:TheTartWitch  rating:pg-13  wc:001001-005000 
september 2018 by jenna_marianne
Once Upon Another Time by CatsAreCool / Rachel500 (PG-13)
If you could change time, would you do it? Harry learns more about the life he should have lived when he is faced with such a choice... (4,555 words)

Rated: Fiction T - English - Adventure/Drama - Words: 4,809 - Reviews: 140 - Favs: 371 - Follows: 200 - Published: Feb 15, 2017 - Status: Complete - id: 12367704

Alt. Link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12367704/1/Once-Upon-Another-Time
fanfiction  fandom:Harry_Potter  drama  timetravel  gen  author:Rachel500  rating:pg-13  wc:001001-005000 
august 2018 by jenna_marianne
A Thousand Innocents by cheshire_carroll (PG-13)
People always talk about how sweet and gentle Lily Evans Potter was. Lily was not either of those things. Lily was fierce and vicious and vindictive and she was prepared to do whatever it took for her loved ones to survive.

OR: an exploration of what the friendship between Lily and Severus could have been, had Lily decided to let her inner-Slytherin out to play a few years earlier (because let's face it- it takes a hell of a lot of cunning and scheming to outwit a Dark Lord and she f-ing did it) BAMF Lily Evans Potter (3,189 words)
“I think… I think we’re going to have to break up, Sev.” She said quietly. “Very, very publicly break up.”

“We’re not actually dating, you realise,” Severus pointed out, ignoring the twinge of aching hurt in his chest that had nothing to do with blasting curses in a well-practiced manner. Lily rolled her bright, clever eyes, her fire thankfully flaring to life once more in the fierce set of her mouth.

“Yes, yes, I know that,” she huffed. “What I mean is, after the OWLs are done we’re going to have to have a very loud, very passionate, very messy end to our friendship. With lots and lots of witnesses. And drama.” She paused, considering. “And you should probably call me a mudblood at least once. Publicly reaffirm to your Housemates that you actually believe all that rubbish.”

“Lily,” Severus stared at her wide-eyed, absolutely appalled. “I— I don’t believe it! You know I don’t!”

“I do know, Sev,” Lily said, softening her voice as she reached out to clasp onto his hands with her own slim, calloused ones, nails bitten short in a nervous habit he knew she'd never managed to quite train herself out of. “The problem is, so do they. It’s why you keep getting cursed— you need your housemates permanently on your side, not turning on you the moment you’re in the Slytherin common room, and we both know that they won’t be while we’re still friends. And it… it scares me, Sev. It scares me how you’re always getting hurt by them and you just said so yourself— Macnair could have killed you! We have to get on top of this; we don't have a choice!”

“You will still be my friend, though, right?” Severus asked quietly, trying (and failing) to hide how suddenly very, very afraid he was.

“Always,” Lily vowed fiercely, stepping forwards and wrapping her arms around him to hug him tight. “Always, Sev.”
fanfiction  fandom:Harry_Potter  drama  gen  author:cheshire_carroll  rating:pg-13  wc:001001-005000 
june 2018 by jenna_marianne
Shatter Together by thepartyresponsible (NC-17)
Clint Barton/Jason Todd (3,943 words)

“Are you telling me,” Jason says, slowly, “that you’re some kind of charity case hitman? You work on a sliding scale? What the hell?”

“I just figure,” he says, hands in the pockets of his stupid purple hoodie, “that a lot of people need someone killed. And the more someone’ll pay to have it done, the less those people usually deserve to die. So, two hundred’s fine. I eat, you know? What else do I need?”

A/N: This takes place after Clint leaves the circus but before he joins SHIELD. Jason's been back in Gotham for a couple years. And...those are all the details you need. At least I hope they are, because those are all the details I have.

<cite>Jason knows exactly how well it works out, when one broken thing tries to fix another. But Talia and Bruce set the bar pretty low. All Jason has to do is not leave Clint worse off than how he found him.</cite>

[per victoria.p: Sweet and melancholy.]
via:victoria.p  fanfiction  fandom:DCU  fandom:Avengers  crossover  author:thepartyresponsible  rating:nc-17  wc:001001-005000 
march 2018 by jenna_marianne
Six Times Minerva Threatened to Quit in Order to Get Her Way, and One Time Albus Did As Well by TheRogueHuntress (R)
Six Times Minerva Threatened to Quit in Order to Get Her Way, and One Time Albus Did As Well: Minerva fixes Albus' mistakes, with hefty dose of shouting and threats. (2,275 words)
fanfiction  fandom:Harry_Potter  five_things  humor  gen  author:TheRogueHuntress  rating:r  wc:001001-005000  via:jenna_marianne 
november 2017 by yarngeek
Six Times Minerva Threatened to Quit in Order to Get Her Way, and One Time Albus Did As Well by TheRogueHuntress (R)
Six Times Minerva Threatened to Quit in Order to Get Her Way, and One Time Albus Did As Well: Minerva fixes Albus' mistakes, with hefty dose of shouting and threats. (2,275 words)
fanfiction  fandom:Harry_Potter  five_things  humor  gen  author:TheRogueHuntress  rating:r  wc:001001-005000 
november 2017 by jenna_marianne
References Required by Wilusa (PG-13)
Post-Finale. Brock Lotus POV.

What is our never-named hero going to do now? One fan's quick guess at what he'll do...and how someone else will react. (2,122 words)
fanfiction  fandom:Banshee  drama  correspondence  gen  author:Wilusa  rating:pg-13  wc:001001-005000 
november 2017 by jenna_marianne
Never Be A Prophet In My Own Land by geckoholic (PG-13)
Two soldiers, a semi-spontaneous road trip, and some trouble in a certain bar in Pennsylvania. (1,649 words)
fanfiction  fandom:Strike_Back  fandom:Banshee  crossover  roadtrip  gen  author:geckoholic  rating:pg-13  wc:001001-005000  yuletide 
november 2017 by jenna_marianne
It's Only Logical by nirejseki (PG-13)
Leonard Snart doesn't know much about his real father. His Vulcan father. Well, he doesn't know much other than the fact that the jerk left him on a pre-contact planet that doesn't even believe aliens are real, anyway. So, you know. Fuck the Vulcans. (3,931 words)

Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Star Trek Fusion, Len is half-Vulcan, but he's definitely no Spock, this is why you don't pon far and run, Short One Shot, Mick is part Klingon, just because
fanfiction  fandom:Flash  fandom:Legends_of_Tomorrow  fandom:Star_Trek  fusion  crossover  Pairing:Leonard/Mick  author:nirejseki  rating:pg-13  wc:001001-005000 
october 2017 by jenna_marianne
The Traveling Doctor by NebulousMistress (G)
Legend says that if you have need, if plague has come, if your child is sick, the Doctor will come. Plead your case to the Ring and the Doctor may hear. (1,742 words)
via:caelulum  fanfiction  fandom:SGA  futurefic  storytelling  drama  gen  author:NebulousMistress  rating:g  wc:001001-005000  Warning:Character_Death 
september 2017 by jenna_marianne
Sleeping in the Knife Drawer by emungere (PG-13)
Hannibal's an FBI agent. Will's a serial killer. He still has a lot of dogs and dislikes being sociable. Hannibal still wants to wind him up and watch him go. (2,945 words)
fanfiction  fandom:Hannibal(TV)  role-reversal  gen  Pairing:Hannibal/Will  author:emungere  rating:pg-13  wc:001001-005000 
june 2017 by jenna_marianne
Steady by pprfaith (PG-13)
No-one ever asks about Tony Stark's past. They should. Tony Stark/Clint Barton (2,145 words)
fanfiction  fandom:Avengers  fandom:Highlander  fusion  crossover  Immortal_AU  Pairing:Clint/Tony  author:pprfaith  rating:pg-13  wc:001001-005000 
june 2017 by jenna_marianne

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