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Leave No One Behind by MorgynLeri (PG)
Word Count: 495
Characters: Bios, Flint, Asajj Ventress, Doron, unnamed cloned jedi
Timeframe: mostly after Flint finds Bios and Doron and Asajj.

They will leave no one behind, even if it takes years before they’re able to go back and rescue their sisters and brothers.
fanfiction  fandom:Star_Wars  drama  dreams  gen  author:MorgynLeri  rating:pg  wc:000001-000500  series:Teeny_Tiny_Mandalorian_Kenobis 
july 2015 by jenna_marianne
Sparring and Ghosts by Morgyn Leri (morgynleri) (G)
Part 7 of the Teeny Tiny Mandalorian Kenobis series.

Aayla and Qui-Gon watch tiny cloned Jedi learning how to fight together. (260 words)
fanfiction  fandom:Star_Wars  clones  gen  author:MorgynLeri  rating:g  wc:000001-000500  series:Teeny_Tiny_Mandalorian_Kenobis 
july 2015 by jenna_marianne
[jedi kingsman / star wars kingsman] by esama (PG-13)
“If you’re willing to work hard and adapt, you can transform.”

“Bruv, I hate to break this to you, but there ain’t no fucking transforming from the Dark Side.”

The Jedi presses his lips together tight in disapproval and Eggsy kind of wants to shove a lightsaber in his gut. He doesn’t though, mainly because his lightsaber is hanging from the Jedi’s belt and Eggsy might be a Darksider but he isn’t a fucking lunatic.

Alt. Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/4296198/chapters/9735039
fanfiction  fandom:Kingsman  fandom:Star_Wars  fusion  crossover  gen  Author:esama  rating:pg-13  wc:000001-000500 
june 2015 by jenna_marianne
Zombie apocalypse style kingsman by esama (PG-13)
Funny how it took V-Day and the dawn of fucking walking corpses for Eggsy to start considering the council estate “home”.

Alt. Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/4296198/chapters/9735027
fanfiction  fandom:Kingsman  drama  zombies  gen  Author:esama  rating:pg-13  wc:000001-000500 
june 2015 by jenna_marianne
Holy S**t: The Old Ladies Of 'Fury Road' Did Their Own Stunts | Mad Max Universe
Every day I learn something new about Mad Max: Fury Road that continues to make me marvel and also further confirms my hankering suspicion that George Miller is a veritable lunatic (in the best possible way).

In an interview with NPR, Australian actress Melissa Jaffer, who is renowned in her home country and has appeared in many Australian films, states something remarkable about herself and the other actors who played that old lady biker gang (aka the Many Mothers, aka the Vuvalini ), which included the younger Valkyrie (Megan Gale):

They did their own stunts. Their own freakin’ stunts. (301 words)
via:blueMeridian  meta  fandom:Mad_Max  wc:000001-000500 
may 2015 by jenna_marianne
Decibels by brimstone06 (G)
Human vocal cords are really, really strong and loud in comparison to the rest of species in the universe. Peter can and does use that to his advantage when absolutely necessary. (372 words)

Written for the prompt: Its not that other species across the Universe have sensitive hearing, its just that Human vocal cords are really, really strong and loud in comparison to the rest of vocally blessed races out there. Other races are very, very soft spoken, and by that I mean they can't physically raise their voice any louder than Human speaking volume. Humans are the equivalent of Banshees for the extraterrestrial community.
fanfiction  fandom:Guardians_of_the_Galaxy  gen  author:brimstone06  rating:g  wc:000001-000500 
september 2014 by jenna_marianne
Fragment of the Saga of Bilbo Ring-Bearer by imaginary_golux (G)
This fragment, translated from the original Khuzdul, dates from around 2990 or 3000 in the common reckoning, and is presumed to be an expansion of some of the early sagas in honor of Bilbo Ring-Bearer and his companions. The author is listed as Ori son of Korin, chief scribe of Belegost at that time.
fanfiction  fandom:Hobbit  fandom:Lord_of_the_Rings  poetry  drama  Pairing:Bilbo/Thorin  author:imaginary_golux  rating:g  wc:000001-000500  series:Coats_and_Customs 
february 2014 by jenna_marianne
Adventures and Battles and Deathbed Confessions by leupagus (G)
Part 2 of Erebor and Weeds

"Farewell, good thief." Thorin and Bilbo, after the Battle of the Five Armies. (407 words)
fanfiction  fandom:Hobbit  drama  genderswap  injury  Pairing:Bilbo/Thorin  Author:leupagus  rating:g  wc:000001-000500  series:Erebor_and_Weeds 
january 2014 by jenna_marianne
The Stone King by Linelen (Linelenagain) (PG-13)
Kíli is King Under the Mountain. It is not a position he has ever aspired to fill. (495 words)
fanfiction  fandom:Hobbit  drama  angst  grief  sad  gen  author:Linelen  rating:pg-1  wc:000001-000500  Warning:Character_Death 
january 2014 by jenna_marianne
Truth and Lies by Nicnac (G)
Kryptonians can only tell the truth. (489 words)
Clark is universally liked, this he makes sure of. Charisma is another tool of his trade, people more likely to believe someone they liked. He doesn’t, however, have any friends. Clark convinces himself that this is because he doesn’t let others close, doesn’t want to be friends with people who are so easily fooled. He never tries to say these words out loud though.

Who wants to be friends with a liar?

It was a question that could only be answered with a bridge, a roll of bailing wire and a speeding Porsche.

“I could’ve sworn I hit you.”

An expression of affected confusion. “No normal person could survive that.”

A sharp look. “No, no normal person could.” The stress on the word normal was so slight it might not have existed.

Clark is hooked.
via:rosadina  fanfiction  fandom:Smallville  drama  truth&lies  gen  author:Nicnac  rating:g  wc:000001-000500 
january 2014 by jenna_marianne
Learning the Craft by kay_obsessive (G)
“I’m not near as powerful a witch as your mother was,” she says, “but I can still teach you what I know.” (Post-movie. Mina lives.) (496 words)
fanfiction  fandom:Hansel&Gretel  drama  gen  yuletide  author:kay_obsessive  rating:g  wc:000001-000500 
december 2013 by jenna_marianne
And when you're gone by Achika (G)
Sean deals, and chats with Dom.

Aka: the one where Sean really really wants to know if Han really was 'into American Muscle' if you know what I mean. implied past-Han/Sean (182 words)
fanfiction  fandom:Fast_and_the_Furious  drama  grief  gen  author:Achika  rating:g  wc:000001-000500  Pairing:Han/Sean 
december 2013 by jenna_marianne
Something was bound to go right sometime today by Skoll (G)
Raleigh has no idea what life is going to be like, now that he and Mako have saved the world. Fortunately, at least he's not alone. Raleigh Becket & Mako Mori friendship (427 words)
fanfiction  fandom:Pacific_Rim  drama  gen  author:Skoll  rating:g  wc:000001-000500 
july 2013 by jenna_marianne
Something Good Can Work by vensre (G)
Any flashback can be pretty rough. Flashbacks propelled by initiating drift between two traumatized people will knock you on your ass. Raleigh Becket & Mako Mori (357 words)
fanfiction  fandom:Pacific_Rim  drama  drift  gen  Pairing:Raleigh/Mako  author:vensre  rating:g  wc:000001-000500 
july 2013 by jenna_marianne
Hannibal As Old Spice Guy by goldenusagi
“Hello, Will. Look at yourself, now back to me, now back at yourself, now back to me. Sadly, you’re not me, but if you stopped ignoring your urges and cultivated them like the inspirations they are, you could kill like you’re me. Look down, back up, where are you? You’re in a murder house with the killer you could kill like. What’s in your hand, back at me. I have it, it’s Abigail’s ear. Look again, the ear is now a plate of veal. Anything is possible when you give voice to the unmentionable. You’re in jail.”
fanfiction  fandom:Hannibal(TV)  fandom:Old_Spice_Man  fusion  crossover  humor  parody  author:goldenusagi  wc:000001-000500 
june 2013 by jenna_marianne

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