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Popular Sleep Cycle iPhone App Expands to Apple Watch With 'Snore Stopper' and Haptic Wake Up Features - Mac Rumors
Sleep Cycle, a popular and highly downloaded alarm clock and sleep tracking app available for the iPhone, today announced a new Apple Watch app that introduces more features for an even better waking up experience. With the Sleep Cycle for Apple Watch, Sleep Cycle users can enable "snore stopper" and silent wake up options.
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2 days ago by andyhuey
Apple Watch 3 for triathlon; guest post in the 5k Runner
If you turn off Wrist Detection in Settings > Passcode on the watch or the iPhone Watch app, then you don’t need to turn off the passcode at all. So you can mount the watch on the bike, tap the passcode in once if needed, use a BT HR strap and then cycle. You will need to tap the screen to view the display but you won’t need to enter a passcode.
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2 days ago by 4and20blackbirds

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