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Founded in 1986, CRU® is a pioneer in devices for data mobility, data security, encryption, and digital investigation. The company’s flagship DataPort®, along with the Data Express®, CRU RTX®, RAX®, ToughTech® and WiebeTech® product lines of removable and external hard drive enclosures are the global standard for physical data security and safe data transport. CRU products are used in government, education, audio/video production, digital cinema, and business markets. Backed by the industry’s leading warranties and connector ratings, CRU products are available through major distributors, PC manufacturers, specialty system builders, and resellers throughout the world.

CRU operates with an unwavering commitment to superior quality, on-time delivery, and comprehensive customer service. Our engineering design team and support staff are dedicated to working with customers to develop solutions that meet their particular needs. CRU will continue to develop innovative high quality computer data storage and mobility solutions to keep pace with rapid industry changes.
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Refugee Women's Alliance (ReWA) - Posts
#Refugee #women's alliance in Seattle empowers refugee women and families #kudos
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5 days ago by csrollyson
“I Felt Like I Was Being Physically Ripped Apart”: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Opens Up About Her New Fame, Trump, and Life in the Bubble | Vanity Fair
“A lot of days, I don’t want to talk, believe it or not . . . The reality of the situation is that if I don’t define this moment, and if I don’t use my voice, then they will fill the void.”
politics  democrats  nyc  communication  attention  reputation  presence  washington 
12 days ago by allaboutgeorge
Yankee Doodle Meaning
It’s no surprise then that Shuckburgh’s doggerel about Yankee doodles—simpletons riding ponies and trying to look hip by sticking feathers in their hats—hit a sensitive nerve. Americans, anxious to prove their sophistication and show their loyalty to the Empire, were instead treated with mocking distain. But over the next few years, something happened. Americans developed a different sense of themselves and—perhaps most importantly—a different sense of the label “American.”

The transformation began as early as 1755. British General Edward Braddock had been sent to drive the French out of the Ohio Valley, but he proved an arrogant fool. He rejected a treaty offer from Native Americans in the valley, and then he walked into an ambush where the French and these same Native Americans cut his army to shreds. The only member of Braddock’s force that performed with distinction was George Washington. The 23-year-old colonel had two horses shot from beneath him while rallying his troops, and rumor has it that the coat he was wearing was found to have no fewer than four bullet holes after the fighting. After Braddock was killed, Washington assumed command of a portion of the army and organized its orderly and safe retreat.
Yankee  Doodle  George  Washington  US  history  satire  mockery 
14 days ago by Michael.Massing
Defiant U.S. sheriffs push gun sanctuaries, imitating liberals on immigration | Reuters
Gun rights enthusiasts co-opt “sanctuary city” strategy to resist new state and federal gun control laws
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