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The Warriors turns 40! - The Warriors Movie Site
Today The Warriors turns 40 as it was on this day back in 1979 that The Warriors was released in theatres in the United States. The fact that interest in the movie is as strong today as it was back then truly confirms that The Warriors is one of the greatest cult movies of all time.
We all know the story but what is it specifically about The Warriors that makes it so enduring to viewers of all ages including many, like myself, who are under 40 and were not even born when the movie came out? I can recall the first time I watched the movie and found it an irresistible mix of colourful gangs, a gritty urban setting, an easy to follow and compelling plot and a desire to see The Warriors survive after being falsely accused of a crime they did not commit. That makes The Warriors a great film and an enjoyable watch but it doesn’t necessarily make it a cult movie warranting dozens of rewatches over many years so what is it exactly that gives this movie a bigger following than many others? I wanted to take this opportunity to share my thoughts.
40 years later The Warriors remains a truly unique and abstract movie that has been parodied in everything from music to The Simpsons. Think of Cyrus’ speech, the Baseball Furies and Luther clinking his bottles and you can see dozens of references to these three things alone which is testament to how visually striking and memorable the movie is. You could freeze pretty much any frame of the movie and know that you were watching The Warriors. The movie is as much iconic as it is cult.
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The Warriors | Classic Film Review | Consequence of Sound
Decades later, Walter Hill's vision of inner-city '70s NYC endures, dated aspects and all
CAN YOU COUNT, SUCKERS? 40 years! Walter Hill’s The Warriors turns the big 4-0 this year, and it’s looking … well, mostly great. It’s a snapshot of gang violence in a decidedly Carter-era key, both flamboyant and aggressive, socially minded yet kept light (or close) by Hill’s high-style design. It’s unconventional, to say the least. It’s an effective simplification of the “dangerous youth” film that showcased a young Walter Hill’s best tendencies. Speed. Cheese. And a whole lot of attitude, dude. To mock it as a misanthropic boy film is almost too easy – also extremely fair, yes. But to get wrapped up in the madness of one bad commute home to Coney Island is something, alright. It’s like bare-knuckle fireworks. We race with the gang to the finish, hopeful with clenched fists. Craft and kitsch-wise, The Warriors remains a landmark in action filmmaking.
I mean, can you dig it?
Can you dig it?
I said, can. You. Dig it?
What do you get when you mix Shakespeare, West Side Story, Adam West’s Batman, Greco-Roman warfare, Homer’s Iliad, and some clown make-up? Walter Hill’s cult classic.
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Bolting in the first seats in the future home of the not a bad seat in the house
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