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Warner Music Treats Streaming Royalties as Charity For Some Rock Pioneers
Williams asserts the label isn't forking over enough of the revenue received from the exploitation of artists' works on streaming platforms. According to the complaint he filed in October in California, that's because Warner Bros. takes a 40% distribution charge off of international revenue collected by foreign affiliates and then bases the artist's royalty rate on the remainder. He says his contract forbids Warner Bros. from assessing an "intercompany charge" for international sales.
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Warner Music Group partners with Chocolate City, one of Nigeria’s leading independent labels
rtists signed to leading Nigeria-based label Chocolate City are about to be given a big global push. Warner Music Group (WMG) is partnering with the independent company in a deal that WMG says will “dramatically grow the reach of African artists around the world, and will create new opportunities for global superstars in the region”.
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Warner Music licenses Africa's largest music streaming service, Boomplay
Following Universal’s lead, Warner Music has become the second major music company to sign a direct licensing deal with Africa’s biggest music streaming service, Boomplay. Boomplay says that it had more than 42 million users as of February 2019, which means that it’s added 6m since it was licensed by Universal in November 2018.
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Publishing body ICMP backs WMG over Spotify India dispute
Now the International Confederation of Music Publishers (ICMP) has weighed in to the row, firmly on the side of Warner/Chappell. “Music publishers worldwide work in the interest of all creators and will fight for appropriate remuneration for all licensed use of their work. At the heart of this problem is the inappropriate use of music and the subsequent undervaluation of songwriters – Indian and international,” said director general John Phelan in a statement. “ICMP and its members express their full support of Warner/Chappell Music in its actions.”
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6 weeks ago by motiveunknown
Official: Warner hires Scott Cohen, co-founder of The Orchard, as Chief Innovation Officer, Recorded Music
At Warner, Cohen reports to Max Lousada, WMG’s CEO, Recorded Music. According to Warner, Cohen will work closely with Lousada and other members of the firm’s senior management team to help ‘chart the long-term course of the company at the intersection of music, technology, and culture’. Max Lousada said: “Scott spots and champions emerging technology with the same level of passion, creativity and ambition that our A&Rs bring to artist development.
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Scott Cohen is joining Warner – but what's the plan?
With Seton reporting directly to Lousada, it’s clear Warner has a different kind of role planned for Cohen. Sources say it’s one focused broadly on “innovation”. An official announcement isn’t expected until next month. Warner Music declined to comment but MBW obtained an internal email from Max Lousada to team leaders: “A real pioneer and a maverick entrepreneur, Scott’s constantly envisioning what’s beyond the horizon for entertainment, business and society,” writes Lousada, positioning Cohen to explore ideas and business models outside the music industry norm.
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Home | Marina Warner
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Warner Music Tops $1.2 Billion in First Fiscal Quarter
In its fiscal first-quarter earnings report, Warner Music Group announced a 15 percent increase in revenue to $1.2 billion in its fiscal first quarter, from $1.045 billion in the same period last year, while also seeing its net income rise to $86 million from $5 million. That feat saw the company edging past Sony Music for the quarter, which posted $1.029 billion.
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