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Geoff's Projects - The Maximite Story
«This is the story of developing the Maximite, a small computer described elsewhere on this site. It is not a particularly riveting story (like "The Soul of a New Machine") but it does illustrate the ups and downs of creating a complex device. It started with a simple idea and the thought "how hard could it be?" and ended up with a three month marathon and a remarkably complex and sophisticated device.»
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22 days ago by brennen
Sex, Circuits & Deep House « bunnie's blog
«This year for Burning Man, I built a networked light badge for my theme camp, “The Institute”. Walking in the desert at night with no light is a dangerous proposition – you can get run over by cars, bikes, or twist an ankle tripping over an errant bit of rebar sticking out of the ground. Thus, the outrageous, bordering grotesque, lighting spectacle that Burning Man becomes at night grows out of a central need for safety in the dark. While a pair of dimly flashing red LEDs should be sufficient to ensure one’s safety, anything more subtle than a Las Vegas strip billboard tends to go unnoticed by fast-moving bikers thanks to the LED arms race that has become Burning Man at night.»
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5 weeks ago by brennen

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