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vuejs/ui: 💻 UI components for official Vue organization apps
💻 UI components for official Vue organization apps - vuejs/ui
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8 hours ago by 1vq9
7 Frontend Architecture Lessons From Nuxt.js
One of the beautiful things about component-based architectures is that one can conceive of everything as a component.

However, when translating that into a system that uses routing to create distinct pages, it is useful to add some more structure on top of that abstraction.

Nuxt does this by using the concepts of pages and layouts. A page corresponds to a route, and fits naturally with how we're used to thinking about the web. Each page can have a layout that it renders within, so layouts become a way of creating shared structure across pages.

These tools - pages and layouts - not only can be used to share template structure, but provide natural hooks for middleware or data prefetching. For example, an admin layout might not only show the admin navigation but also include middleware that checks that a user has admin permissions, redirecting if not.
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23 hours ago by 1luke2
Plans for the Next Iteration of Vue.js – The Vue Point – Medium
Last week at Vue.js London I gave a brief sneak peek of what’s coming in the next major version of Vue. This post provides an in-depth overview of the plan. Vue 2.0 was released exactly two years ago…
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yesterday by diff_sky
Alternative to react and vue from ebay
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yesterday by terraling
How to Render Vue Apps to a Server Using Nuxt
Learn how to easily get started rendering apps built with Vue to a server to improve your app's performance using Nuxt.js.

As one of the contemporary widely used JavaScript frameworks/libraries, Vue.js offers an awesome user experience by dynamically rendering page content without necessarily sending a request to the server each time.

However fast rendering of contents by Vue.js might be, whenever your site starts to grow, it takes a fair amount of time before the website is finally rendered, as it contains plenty of content required to construct the page.

With Nuxt.js you can easily preload content on the web server and render HTML as the response to a browser request for a page. This will ultimately improve “time to content” when loading an application.

In this post we will examine some of the basic concepts of building applications using Nuxt.js and also build a simple static site in the process.
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4 days ago by tamouse

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