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ABC News – Breaking News, Latest News, Headlines & Videos
Top story: ABC News – Breaking News, Latest News, Headlines & Videos , see more
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VR for Social Good
describes Univ FL's VR program
11 hours ago by reginalawrence
home 2018 - Twinmotion 2018
Twinmotion 2018 has been developed for architectural, construction, urban planning and landscaping professionals, regardless of the size and complexity of their project, their equipment, their computer skills or their modeler.
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12 hours ago by sherbondy
L'Oréal launches virtual reality recruitment experience | Onrec
Top story: L'Oréal launches virtual reality recruitment experience … , see more
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New Software Controls Robots Remotely with Virtual Reality
Top story: New Software Controls Robots Remotely with Virtual Reali… , see more
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RT : We recently spoke to one of the original pioneers of to find out how & are tran…
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Before you see Star Wars: this weekend, spend some time in with BB8 and friends—don’t miss the ama…
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RT : Interesting chat yesterday talking & testing + Streaming with Jesús + Simon +
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How to pick the right authoring tools for VR and AR - O'Reilly Media
Most iOS, tvOS, watchOS, and MacOS developers are accustomed to using XCode as their development environment for all things Apple. The need to determine which tool to use for AR and VR is something many developers new to AR, VR, and MR are not aware of. Let’s take a look at the steps for picking the right tool for the different reality types.
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