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Top story: Explore the immersive web with Firefox Reality. Now available for Viveport, Oculus, and…
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Gamasutra: Brandon Franklin's Blog - Diegetic Mechanics - Getting More from Your Game World
Diegetic is a term used in media that describes things that exist for both the audience and the characters of a piece of media. An example in film is when you hear music that’s playing from a source in the scene where the character hears it and the audience hearing it is incidental to the music being in the scene with the character. In games this term is used almost exclusively for UI. For example when there is an ammo counter on a gun rather than just a number floating in the corner of the scene to indicate your current ammo.
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Here’s the next round of VR journalism innovation ideas (and the ideas for the tools to make it happen) » Nieman Journalism Lab
The New York Times made a flourishing push into AR for the PyeongChang Olympics earlier this year and has followed up with immersive storytelling from Iceland to Antarctica to a fashion show runway to your own home. NBC News built out a 12-person experimental video unit last summer to experiment with VR and mixed reality. But one 2017 report also pointed out that news organizations are hesitant to invest in the technology and struggle finding compelling content to use it on.
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