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Running on VPN: How Microsoft is keeping its remote workforce connected - IT Showcase Blog
When Microsoft began preparing for its employees to work remotely in response to COVID-19, it was the job of Ludo Hauduc, corporate vice president of Core Platform Engineering in Microsoft Core Services Engineering and Operations (CSEO), and his team to make sure that the company’s internal network would hold up.
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Private networks made easy
Connect all your devices using WireGuard,® without the hassle.
Tailscale makes it as easy as installing an app and signing in.
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Overview — sshuttle 0.78.5 documentation
As far as I know, sshuttle is the only program that solves the following common case:

Your client machine (or router) is Linux, MacOS, FreeBSD, OpenBSD or pfSense.
You have access to a remote network via ssh.
You don’t necessarily have admin access on the remote network.
The remote network has no VPN, or only stupid/complex VPN protocols (IPsec, PPTP, etc). Or maybe you are the admin and you just got frustrated with the awful state of VPN tools.
You don’t want to create an ssh port forward for every single host/port on the remote network.
You hate openssh’s port forwarding because it’s randomly slow and/or stupid.
You can’t use openssh’s PermitTunnel feature because it’s disabled by default on openssh servers; plus it does TCP-over-TCP, which has terrible performance (see below).
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Taking the AWS Client VPN for a spin | Performance Magic
openvpn --config downloaded-client-config.ovpn
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2 days ago by hendry
Mullvad VPN
Mullvad is a VPN service that helps keep your online activity, identity, and location private. Only €5/month - We accept Bitcoin, cash, bank wire, credit card, PayPal, and Swish.
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