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U.S. trails most developed countries in voter turnout
As a consequence, turnout comparisons based only on registered voters may not be very meaningful. For instance, U.S. turnout in 2016 was 86.8% of registered voters, fourth-highest among OECD countries (and highest among those without compulsory voting). But registered voters in the U.S. are much more of a self-selected group, already more likely to vote because they took the trouble to register themselves.
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Elizabeth Warren Calls for Ending Electoral College
Senator Elizabeth Warren, the Massachusetts Democrat who has based her presidential bid on trying to outpace rivals with robust policy proposals, added more ideas to her liberal agenda on Monday night: getting rid of the Electoral College, removing Confederate statues, and creating a national commission to study reparations for black Americans.

Ms. Warren’s remarks came during an hourlong CNN town hall at Jackson State University, a historically black college in the capital of the deeply Republican state. While reiterating her familiar positions on regulating corporations and upending Washington lobbying, Ms. Warren also sought to present new ideas to a national audience that is still getting to know her.

“I believe we need a constitutional amendment that protects the right to vote for every American citizen and makes sure that vote gets counted,” Ms. Warren said in response to a question about voter disenfranchisement. “We need to put some federal muscle behind that, and we need to repeal every one of the voter suppression laws that is out there.”

She then noted that most presidential candidates never campaign in Mississippi or her home state of Massachusetts during a general election because those are not battleground states in the Electoral College. Many Democrats have become sharp critics of the Electoral College after Al Gore in 2000 and Hillary Clinton in 2016 won the national popular vote but lost the Electoral College vote, and therefore the presidency.

“Every vote matters, and the way we can make that happen is that we can have national voting, and that means get rid of the Electoral College,” Ms. Warren said, drawing one of her longest ovations of the night.

Ms. Warren also used the forum to present herself as a candidate who understands racial inequities. Speaking to a racially diverse audience, she called for Confederate commemoration statues and monuments to come down and be moved to museums.

Ms. Warren was also asked if Mississippi should adopt a new state flag that no longer has the Confederate battle flag emblem.

“Yes,” she said.

She also said she supported a commission to study reparations, though she sidestepped responding directly to a question about whether she supported financial payments from the government to descendants of slaves
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DARPA Is Building a $10 Million, Open Source, Secure Voting System - Motherboard
The system will be fully open source and designed with newly developed secure hardware to make the system not only impervious to certain kinds of hacking, but also allow voters to verify that their votes were recorded accurately.
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